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ECOM 421 SEU Advantages and Disadvantages of E Business Revenue Model Paper

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Write short essay on E-Business Revenue Models used by companies in K.S.A. Your answer must be not less than 100 words having the following contents:

  • Introduction to the concept of E-Business Revenue Model,
  • Types of E-Business Revenue Model and
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of E-Business Revenue Model

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E-Business Strategies and Business Models
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Saudi Electronic University


E-Business Strategies and Business Models
E-Business Revenue Models
E-Business refers to commercial transactions that are carried out online. Technology advancement has
encouraged the presence of online users which has, in turn, boosted revenue generated from E-Businesses. EBusiness Revenue Models are a choice of matrix pursued by investors to generate income from online business
Types of E-Business Revenue Models
There are five categories of revenue models used by E-Businesses as shown below:
1. Affiliate Revenue Model: E-Businesses that use this model create revenue by advertising other EBusinesses’ products and services on their websit...

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