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SGO-2) Explore new technology trends and apply the Technology Innovation Models to determine how to leverage and deploy new technologies

(SGO-3) Identify the benefits and risks associate with new technology trends and how you will respond as a leader.

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Cloud Computing

Topic identification: The word cloud is a metaphor for the term the internet.
Thesis: The key companies are Amazon web services, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud, and
Microsoft Azure.

Paragraph 1

The most effective innovation models have precise solutions to ensure the growth of
The model indicates that innovation takes place in a unidirectional process

Paragraph 2

Cloud computing is in its ascent phase.
It provides these services at affordable rates and doing a much more effective job than
any database engineer could do.

Paragraph 3

Cloud computing is currently in the early adoption, where
The market which is open to this technology is open to new ideas, but they are skeptical
of the technology.

Paragraph 4

Innovation activities are based on technological innovations.
The IBM Watson, which provides analytic needs for the customers, is an example of the
use of artificial intelligence in cloud computing.

Paragraph 5

There is more technological innovation since the cloud computing infrastructure is on
constant improvement.
In order to create a market disruption that will be to the advantage of the cloud computing

Paragraph 6

To farther reiterate, cloud computing is in the ascent stage.
Various production models that allow for cloud computing to be used concurrently with
the existing local databases to form a hybrid like IT solution.

Surname 2
Paragraph 7

As a leader within my company, I have come to identify some loyal customers whom we
take every action to keep them.
I have invested in a well-trained customer care department, which has brought forth a lot
of loyal customers.

Paragraph 8

The business is ina process of standardizing market penetration in that new markets are
approached with a predefined strategy
Research and development budgets are gradually reducing as the technologies begin to
gain traction in the market.

Paragraph 9

Cloud computing is the next big wave after the smartphone wave, and it will be a short
accent period for cloud computing
The field of IT has a rapidly changing technological landscape.

Paragraph 10

As a leader, I would encourage university graduates to explore the different technologies
that are used in industries and strive to acquire these certifications.
Multiple companies are now offering cloud-based services.


Thesis restatement: Everything today is connected to the internet from fridges to dustbins
and even some shoes
Concluding remarks: I would say this is right to adopt cloud computing for every
company, be it new or old, the cloud will make your lives much more manageable.


Cloud Computing
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