PHIL 202 CH6 What Is the End of Law and How Is It Related to Freedom Questions


PHIL 202


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Philosophy 202

Required Texts

The following texts are all required, and may be purchased at the university bookstore.

Descartes, Rene. Discourse on Method

Frankfurt, Harry. Reasons of Love

Kant, Immanuel. Perpetual Peace

Locke, John. Second Treatise on Government

Rousseau, Jean-Jacques. Discourse on Inequality

Shakespeare. The Tempest

Machiavelli. The Prince

Select other texts as needed.

these are the readings Questions

Locke chapters 6 and 7

Locke Second Treatise 8 - 12 Questions

Locke chapters 13,15,18, and 19

answer each file separated for each reading

so each Question 100 words except that Questions with 3 parts between 200 to 250 words.

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1. In what sense is there any inequality among men if all men are equal? How can he
reconcile our inequalities with our equality? Is he correct in his analysis? Why?
Locke and Wootton (2003) stated that all men are equal. They are fundamental natural
rights are life, liberty, and the desire to own property, a factor that equates us all. In sense of
inequality is that men will acquire these natural rights differently and at different times. We can
reconcile our inequalities with our equality by being provided with the government the same
resources. Also, each man has his capabilities and strengths. Yes, his analysis is correct because
is analysis allows men to showcase his attributes. Life is important and in life, you will be able to
acquire property according to each individual
‘s desire.
2. What is the end of law and how is it related to freedom? Is law a limitation on
freedom or is it a necessity of our freedom?
According to Locke’s he defined end of law as failure to restrain individuals from doing
what they would like to do. In other words, it is to preserve and enlarge freedom. Freedom is the
act to do what you want, Therefor the relation between end of law and freedom is that if there is
no law there is no freedom so a good government provides laws which one can maximize their
freedom and prevents you for interfering with your rights The law is not a limitation on the
freedom it only controls on what is supposed to be done right.
3. What is the source of a parent’s power? What is its end? What are its limits? Why
does this power only extend to these matters?



The source of a parent's power is physical strength, resources, and information. Parents
are stronger than their children in terms of physical strength from the time the children are born
to the time they attain the age of majority in most instances. It cannot end because parents are
there daily, although in some instances this power could end during the parents’ old age because
at this point it’s the children that are young and stronger. Similarly, parents have the resources
and information for this time period. Limits are set due to empathy. Because every parent is
subjected to the growth of their child. Parents should increase their child knowledge. Another
true power that a parent has over his children is strong predictive power.



1. Present a summary of conjugal society, its origin, end, and extent. (Optional
question: why does he digress on this society’s “longer conjunction”? #80-81 Is this
how you understand conjugal society?)
Locke and Wootton (2003) defined a conjugal society as different from political society.
However, the origin of the political society can be traced back to the conjugal society because
the major aim of marriage between a man and a woman should be procreation with the sole aim
of ensuring that the species is continued. This is the reason as to why the conjugal union of
human beings was made longer than that of other creatures on earth and may end at separation in
some instances. Conjugal society is either of the spouses that can ...

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