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BUS 7999 CitySpade Company Analysis Mission Statement Analysis Paper

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Please use my recorded data to complete an analysis. The purpose of this analysis is to discuss how you went about achieving your Mission Statement over the 4 quarters of the Real Estate simulation. I listed some of my failure and achivement you may need.

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CitySpade Company Analysis
Yixin Ma
BUS 7999
Dr. Dilyard


CitySpade Company Analysis
Part #1

Company’s Mission Statement
CitySpade’s mission is to offer the lowest prices for its commodities and services in
the Real Estate market. The achievement of this mission attracts inherent risks in decreased
profits, which the company is highly likely to recover in the long-run by expanding its market
share; this is especially possible if some of its competitors will exit the market. Also, the
company provides a training program for each salesperson in every quarter to foster growth
and astute management of sales. CitySpade firmly believes price and salesmanship have a
substantial impact on the achievement of its mission and objectives
Mission Achievement Strategy
The company will meet its mission by investing more in Sales & Marketing and
Human Resources. CitySpade holds that effective advertising will increase Brand Equity to
improve its competitive position and subsequently attract more customers while setting the
lowest possible price levels. Thus, investing 25 percent of the budget in Sales and marketing
is one of the approaches the company will employ to meet its mission. Sales and marketing
will include brand advertising as well as sales promotion tactics meant to influence existing
and new clients. Based on research, the company will use advertising on television, the
internet, magazines, and sponsor to reach a large pool of clients (Madanoglu, Alon &
Shoham, 2017). Essentially, the marketing approach that the organization will employ is the
push and pulls strategy, with a focus on the push approaches.
Regarding investment in Human Resources, CitySpade will need a high number of
employees to meet the production goal and sales performance. The company believes that
setting salaries higher than average will incr...

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