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SGO-2) Explore new technology trends and apply the Technology Innovation Models to determine how to leverage and deploy new technologies

(SGO-3) Identify the benefits and risks associate with new technology trends and how you will respond as a leader.

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Cloud computing

Cloud computing
Cloud computing has, in recent years, emerged into a powerful tool in business in that
it contributes greatly to the efficiency of the operation of the IT platform. This is so in that it
provides the needed infrastructure and software which the technology department needs.
Cloud technology has enabled easier collaboration which involves workers who are at
different geographical locations. The workers can easily save data on the cloud and that way
allows another person in a different area to access it and thus do their part. Organizations can
now create a link between their suppliers, employees, and partners (Attaran, 2017). Cloud
computing technology is becoming a trend in recent years because of the power it has shown
in terms of improving different aspects of businesses. Individuals have made use of servers
like Google Drive and Dropbox but organizations have since joined in the use to leverage the
power of this technological advisement.
Cloud computing has been termed as a means of connecting people and can be easily
turned off and back on. It also ensures security, confidentiality, and availability of the data
which are the three principles of Information Technology. Numerous businesses are adopting
cloud computing technology and researchers estimate the cloud market to accelerate more in
the year 2020 onwards. Cloud services stand out from the other historical models in a way
that its main focus is more on the services, unlike other technologies that focus on
technology. This makes it the most promising technological advancement.
Technology trends
Cloud computing, existing in different forms, has taken over the ICT department.
Cloud has been used in the place of many words i.e. software, servers, interface, etc., all this


Cloud computing

coming together to make the cloud. Computing, on the other hand, means availing all the
services to a user at a required ti...

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