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Broadview University Personal Narrative and Post-Graduate Career Plans Infographic

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Two-page (front-back) infographic covering these areas individually on the outer ends:
oIntroduction & Personal Narrative and Post-Graduate Career Plans (front)
Question: how I chose my college major at PNW & my career path
Summary of past educational and work/internship experience
Short- and long-term career plan/goals following graduation
oCareer Plans and Industry Overview (back)
Five-year labor market projections for chosen industry
Certifications and/or education required for entry-level position in occupation
Average starting salary for recent college graduates in chosen occupation
Typical college majors associated with occupation
Middle portion of the tri-fold will include a collaborative reflection of your PSL experiences

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Final Answer


Choice Of Career Path

I chose my career path out of my
passion for management,
teamwork and MS office.
Throughout my time in school and
volunteering programs, I look
forward to built my major by
finding career coaches,
interviewing successful people and
grow each day in Managerial
Information System.

Past Educational And Work ...

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It’s my second time using SP and the work has been great back to back :) The one and only resource on the Interwebs for the work that needs to be done!

Thanks, good work

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