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This week’s discussion will focus on management control using the case study “Brief Integrative Case 3.1: Google in China: Protecting Property Rights” (p. 415) in International Management: Culture, Strategy, and Behavior.

Decision-making and controlling are two vital, and often interlinked, functions of international management. Strategic evaluation and control is the process of determining the effectiveness of a given strategy in achieving the organizational objectives and taking corrective actions whenever required. Control can be exercised through formulation of contingency strategies and a crisis management team.

Using the Decision-Making Process (stages 1-9) outlined in the textbook (Fig 11-1 page 390) and this module’s content, what are your thoughts on each step in the process using the Google in China case study as it relates to the strategic evaluation and control process definition above?

For example:

Stage 1: What is the problem perception in the case?

Stage 2: What is the problem identification in the case?

Repeat for stages 3-9.

What overall assumptions can you make using this decision-making process?

Be 3-5 pages and embed course material concepts, principles, and theories, which require supporting citations along with two scholarly peer-reviewed references supporting your answer.

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Management Control
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Management Control
Stage 1: Problem Perception

Increased issues concerning the protection of the property of property rights have
hindered the management operations of Google Inc. The problem facing the organization
concerns the rights of the Chinese to use the platform without government censoring. The search
engine’s challenge also involves the measures that should be established to avert the influence of
the legal laws in China on the freedom of expression of the citizens. A series of censorship issues
mar the Chinese market Landrum, N. E. (2018). As such, Google Inc. views the situation as
challenged to plans that will enhance the information available to individuals in the nation.
Additionally, the existing regulations and societal values in China also provides a
challenge to the multinational company during the quest for globalization. The organization also
faces the challenge of information delivery. Due to the long term history of information
censoring in the nation, the strategy resulted in a massive delay regarding content delivery to the
Chinese. Further, the different nature of Google Inc. and Chinese government laws means that
there is a lack of coherence concerning the conveyance of information in the region (Lutherns, &
Doh, 2018). Similarly, executive management also faces high competition from local search
engines like
Stage 2: Problem Identification
According to Google Inc. management, the challenge facing the protection of the rights
of the users concerns the decision by the Chinese governm...

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