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MGT 377 Princess Nourah University CH9 Punctuated Equilibrium Model Review Paper

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MGT 377 Chapter 9 Review Sheet (Spring 2020 online) Punctuated-equilibrium model Teams are not a miracle cure – when do teams make sense? Group properties ▪ Norms o Conformity o Hawthorne studies – What was the relevant finding concerning norms? ▪ Size o Ideal group size o Social loafing: What is it? What causes it? How to handle it? ▪ Composition o What characteristics should you consider in composing a team for optimal performance? ▪ Cohesiveness o Are highly cohesive groups always high performing groups? o How can a leader strengthen cohesiveness? • Status differences o Status and group interaction - how do status differences impact group discussion? “The Bank CEO and the Consultant” Nominal Group Technique (NGT) Group vs. individual decision making ▪ Strengths & weaknesses of group decision making ▪ Groupthink ▪ Groupshift ...
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MGT 377
Chapter9 Review Sheet(Spring 2020 online)

Punctuated-equilibrium model
The Punctuated-equilibrium model comprises of the phases that temporary groups
go through that involves transitions between inertia and activity. There are two phases of
the model in which phase –I establish the first meeting of the group to define the general
purpose and establish the direction. Phase one is called interia and the second phase is
called activity. This progress closes Phase 1 and is described by a concentrated explosion
of changes, dropping off old patterns, and appropriation of new viewpoints. The progress
sets revised direction for Phase 2, another harmony wherein the group executes plans
made during the transition period. Ultimately, the group's last meeting is portrayed by a
last eruption of action to complete its work.
Teams are not a miracle cure – when do teams make sense?
Team makes sense when suggestion or a solution to the major problem is
required. When individual effort is not fruitful moreover if time spam is short then team
are made to get it done in a quick manner.
Group properties

o Conformity
The conformity is the adjustment of individual behavior with the group
o Hawthorne studies– What was the relevant finding concerning norms?
Group dynamics are more influenced by behavior rather than by

o Ideal group size
To get diverse input from groups, for fact-finding, for generating
an ideal size of a dozen members or high is more ideal whereas a
group of 7-8 members is ideal to do something productive.
o Social loafing: What is it? What causes it? How to handle it?
Social loafing is when an individual expand fewer efforts in the
group as compared to working individually is termed as social

loafing. The greater performance diversity creates social loafing
which decreases satisfaction and performance. To handle these
below points are important to consider.
a. Group goals must be defined
b. Intergroup competition must be an increase in a shared
c. More engagement in peers
d. Shortlisting members with high motivation and other values
e. Set group rewards


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