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After you have completed the reading assignment for chapter 9, examine 2 maps related to Africa during the long 19th century. The first is a map of pre-colonial Africa in 1800 (Links to an external site.). The second is a Map of Africa in 1912. (Links to an external site.)

Make sure you read the map titles and explanatory notations, then the position of borders, and the legend (or key).

Once you have examined the maps, write a response (150-300 words) that answers the following:

Why was there such a scramble by Europeans for colonies in Africa? What had changed that made colonization more likely? Who colonized what regions and what did that mean for the people of those regions

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Pre-colonial Africa was made up of mostly unconquered territory. The Kingdoms, States and
Empires that did exist were very many but small, and with most clustered into only a couple of
small areas, leaving most of the continent “unoccupied.” There was a large pote...

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