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  • What kinds of behavior do these artists seem to encourage or enforce?
  • What similarities do current artists have with your chosen artist?
  • What are the social purposes or functions of these artists and their songs?
  • Why might listeners at different times and different places find these artist/songs compelling?
  • What are the similarities between my values and the values implicit from the artist?
  • Upon what social understanding do the songs depend?
  • How might these artists comment on the freedom or movement of a person or groups of persons?
  • How are the artist's songs connected to larger social groups, beliefs, structures, issues, ideas, events, habits, customs, practices, or communications?
  • How often are important buzz words on your social topic repeated in each artist's song

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Cultural analysis
Queen Latifah was born in the eighth of March in the year nineteen seventy at East
Orange, New Jersey. She got her nickname Latifah during her childhood. Her music journey can
be traced back from her church, where she began her musical journey as a singer in the church
choir (Žďárská, p.1). The Wizard of Oz was the first song she performed publicly while at St.
Anne's parochial school (Wallace, p.1). Latifah became more serious in singing and rapping
during her first year level of study in high school, where she could often practice singing. In an
attempt to advance in her musical career, she formed a rap group that was composed of young
women. Since then, Latifah has continued with her musical journey until late 2009. Despite
being born and brought up in New Jersey, Latifah was African American with black culture
(Williams, p.16). Latifah's musical albums and songs are composed of rap songs that are
treasured by her fans globally. They include the wrath of My Madness, "All Hail to the Queen",
Nature of a sista, Black Reign among many other songs.
Contribution to Black Culture and History
Latifah had a lot to contribute towards inspiring the young female emcees. She spoke
publicly against miso...

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