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Here is an example of how the program should look like:

and the PDF file has the instructions that should be followed.

" There are codes to start working with"

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Programming Project 4 DeLand Space Car Dealer needs a new program for their inventory management system. The program needs the following classes: • A main class ( that includes the main method and GUI. Two instantiable classes: • o Variables to store the dealer name, and the carsOnLot array in Car type. o A constructor to initialize the name variable with the given dealer name. o An accessor method to return the name of the dealer. o An accessor method to return the cars on lot. o A mutator method to buy a car and add to the car dealer inventory. o A mutator method to sell the car with the given sale price and remove the car from dealer’s inventory. o A mutator method that makes the necessary changes to update the sale price of the car. • o Variables to store makeAndModel, purchasePrice, and salePrice. o A constructor to initialize the variables with the given parameters. o An accessor method to return the purchase price. o A mutator method to update the sale price with the given new price. * Please use ProgrammingProject4.gif for the sample program output. * You are free to layout your own GUI as you wish. * Submit your program,, files to the Blackboard ...
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