Alzheimers Awareness Dominant Rhetorical Appeals Analysis Essay 1

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In your Summary & Analysis Essay, you will compose a one-paragraph description of a print ad, and then follow it with a one-paragraph rhetorical analysis.

You can choose a print ad from the Ad Council Website. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Paragraph 1: Summary

In the Summary paragraph, you need to provide an objective overview of the ad. Assume your reader is not familiar with the ad and cannot see it. Identify the ad and describe its parts beginning with the most obvious (i.e. the image or text that is in the foreground) and then moving to lesser details (i.e. the fine print, the less noticeable visual details.)

Paragraph 2: Analysis

In the second paragraph, you will demonstrate your rhetorical understanding of the ad:

  • Make a claim about how the text works.
    • Identify one specific rhetorical strategy that the author uses to successfully persuade the audience (or not). Note: There are likely many things going on rhetorically in the text, but for this very brief analysis, I ask that you find one strategy to focus on and deeply analyze.
  • Use direct evidence drawn from the ad (e.g. specific visual details and text) to support your analytic claims. (You may also choose to use contextual evidence in addition to textual evidence to support your claims.)
  • Demonstrate how the text works within its unique context and for its specific intended audience(s).

Both paragraphs should demonstrate unity, coherence, and development.

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Last Name 1 Student Name Dr. Jones ENG 095 1 November 2018 Rhetorical Analysis Essay #1: “Headed for Historic Gains” In the ad produced by the UNCF, there is an African American man, on the left side of the page, who is looking outward as if to the sky or a clear space. The picture is taken from an angle in which only the left side of his face, with the exception of his right eye, is being seen. His face is relaxed, and he is slightly smiling. He is wearing a black jacket or coat. The background of the ad has an ombre effect with black starting at the right side of the page and slowly moving into a more greyish color towards the lower left corner of the ad. Left aligned a couple inches away from the face of the man are the words “HEADED FOR HISTORIC GAINS,” in all caps, an easy to read font and a gold text fill. At the top of the last two letters in the word “gains” there is a gold faded arrow pointing upward. About half an inch below that statement is another statement which reads, “invest in better futures at” in all caps, with the website in gold. In the bottom right corner of the ad are the UNCF and Ad council’s logos, with the sentence, “A mind is terrible thing to waste” within the UNCF logo. The Ad Council and United Negro College Fund used images and text to persuade its viewers into believing that there is hope for their future to be academically successful. First being drawn to the African American man who is looking outward, you think of how he could be looking out at how successful his future will now be because of the UNCF. His race is also of importance because African Americans are often seen as minority students and are not expected to attend Last Name 2 college or receive a higher education. The words “headed for historic gains” being in all caps and in gold font draws attention to the fact that even though much is not expected from African Americans with regards to attending college, they can make history and improve the African American community by doing so. Another historic gain can also be a person who is the first in their family to attend college. The arrow on the word gains could be that everyone who is helped by the UNCF is assisting in the helping an African American or minority community to get more credibility on a social level and prove that good things can come from those communities. The words “invest in better futures at” makes viewers think that they will be benefited by seeking help from this organization. All of these elements lead back to hope because each aspect, the proud African American man looking outward, the words, “headed for historic gains”, and “invest in your future at uncf. org/invest” all make a minority student feel like there is hope for them to feel the way that the man on the ad feels. The words of encouragement being in large print emphasizes the importance of what is being said and makes viewers feel like their future could be secured. The ad also provides the website where a person who has an interest in receiving assistance from this organization can visit and get more information. Hope is the key factor in this ad and everyone likes to feel hopeful towards whatever they aspire towards. ...
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Rhetorical Analysis Essay #1: "Alzheimer's Awareness"

Ad link:

The ad is talking about the importance of knowing the vital signs of Alzheimer's and
responding to them appropriately. The ad is comprised of a woman narrating a story about
how her mother brought her up and her system of behaviors and how they changed after
contracting Alzheimer's. The video starts by the daughter narrating how her mother was very
cautious of how she arranged everything and would be very upset if anything would be
misplaced ...

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