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Can you help me understand this Law question?

For your discussion board I want you to write one well defined and crafted response then respond to at least one other persons response. And do not just say I agree say why you agree. That is all you have to do.

The theme that flows through the chapters we have gone over is ethics. One of the things that I speak on at conferences and have a passion for is ethics is investigations especially like those in chapter 9. One thing that you have to think about is that the investigation is both an art and a science which helps the investigator stay on track. What we use in Fire investigation is the Scientific Method..

Recognize the need

Define the problem

Collect data

Analyze data

Develop a hypothesis (inductive reasoning)

Test the hypothesis (deductive reasoning) this can be on the scene but for the most part is collecting data and sending it in for this or just proven hypotheses such as burn patterns and blood spatter

Select final Hypothesis

How does the scientific method keep the investigator on an ethical path and what are other ways you can keep yourself and your employees ethical in their investigations.

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Topic sentence: Use of scientific method to keep the investigator on an ethical path
Support: When data analysis is done, the investigators are in a better position to postulate on the
ethical path that is being observed
PARAGRAPH 2: other ways you to Keep employees and investigators on an ethical
Support: a) Following the inquiry rules
b) Following the Law
c)Respecting peopl...

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