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1. Questions for Module 4, Week 4: Read the Application on page 484 & 485, completely answer the 5 Questions which follow the Application.

2. An Armed Robbery occurs at the 7-11 located at 525 S. State Street on 15 September 2018, at 0230 hours. You and your partner are working the Detective Area Robbery Mission Car. You respond to the scene when you monitor the In-Progress Call of the Robbery. You arrive at the scene at 0235hours. What Now? Identify the steps that you would take the second you arrive at the scene. What procedures and protocols are important? Write a professional report of your robbery investigation. Your notes are below.

You’ve gathered the following information from the scene:

  • No one was injured, but shots were fired.
  • The only person working and inside the 7-11 at the time of the robbery was the store clerk.
  • You interview the clerk to obtain a description to be broadcast over the zone and Citywide Police Radio.
    • 2 M/W inter the store at 0225. Both are wearing hooded sweatshirts with the hood up; it’s 75 degrees out. One stays by the door; other goes to cooler in rear, gets a six pack of Coors and approaches the counter. Asks for two pack of cigarettes. The clerk turns around, back to subject to get cigarette, turns to observe Offender with a large caliber, long barrel stainless steel revolver.
    • Offender demand contents of the cash register, threatens to shoot the Clerk, “This is a Robbery, don’t make it no murder”.
    • The clerk turns over $200 USC. Offenders flee on foot south on State Street.
  • There is a video of the entire incident.
  • Fired evidence is recovered from the wall behind the counter, two bullets. Suitable for comparison.
  • Fingerprints are recovered near the door and processed. Unknown if they belong to offender #2.
  • Candy bar wrapper on floor near where Offender#2 was recovered.
  • Video show offender #2 take a candy bar from the shelf and discard wrapper on the floor.
  • Video from the business around the corner, shows two persons enter a black older model Chevrolet Monte Carlo. Partial license plate number obtained.
  • You and your partner are aware of 10 similar convenience store robberies on State Street, Wabash Avenue, and Clark Street from Roosevelt Road to Chicago Avenue.
  • You coordinate efforts with Detectives from Area North who are assigned to the 18th District.
  • On 18 September, 0100 hours you stop a back Monte Carlo at 600 N. Clark Street.
    • Three persons flee auto, two wearing hooded sweatshirts.
    • Pursuit negative.
    • Long Barrel stainless steel revolver recovered from auto.
    • Prints, cigarettes butts, partially eaten burgers found.
  • DNA identifies two persons who were in the auto at some point.
  • Criminal background discloses that of the 2 DNA hits has a felon for a father.
    • Father recent parolee from IDOC. He did 20 years for Homicide.
  • All three brought in for questioning.
  • Father gives it up.
    • Did all the planning
    • Held gun during each robbery.
    • Two others are his sons.
    • Forced to participate or he would kill their children, his grandchildren.
  • Pleads guilty, found guilty, natural life under Career Criminal Statute.

Students will use the information they have gathered to write a criminal investigation.

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Crime Investigation 1

Crime Investigation
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Crime Investigation 2
Crime Investigation
Question 1
On arrival at the scene, the first step is to prove that the theft has occurred. The evidence
will be gathered to provide the prosecuting attorney with proof of the robbery. Therefore, the
identification of the physical evidence, gathering information, and engaging the witness will be
the first s...

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