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Define urbanization. Describe three pros and three cons for urbanization and include examples. Pick one form of urbanization and describe how that form of urbanization can impact an individual’s health status. Pick a health issue of your choice and describe how urbanization and vulnerable populations play a role in the prevalence of that health issue. Name at least one public health intervention that is used to address urbanization (Describe that intervention and how it is used to address urbanization).

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The world had witnessed an increased gathering of its population in urban areas since 1990.
The trend is no new, but relentless and has been marked by a remarkable increase in the absolute
numbers of urban settlers. In particular, the urban transformation has positioned cities at the
epicenter of development agenda, reinforcing the idea that, indeed, urbanization is among the most
significant trends of the past and current century. The transformation has provided the century with
the foundation and momentum for global change. The concept of urbanization denotes the process
where people move from rural regions to urban areas in efforts to seek higher standards of living.
The cities, contrary to remote settings, give individuals opportunities to live a better life, access to
learning institutions, and industries that provide employment (Moreno, 2017).
The Advantages of Urbanization
A significant advantage is evident in the increased development and innovation of cities of
nations leading to thriving towns and cities, an essential element of a prosperous economy. In
particular, the gathering of economic and human resources in a specific place reinforces growth
and development in such places boosting the economy and sustainability of a region. The
development of escalates growth in other aspects encompassing science and technology, industry,
and better access to education and health as well as social fac...

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