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nstructions: For this assignment, you will take the role of a parent / guardian and conduct a childcare search. You will need to get information for three childcare centers.(should be in San Diego where i`m live)
You have a 1-year old child who was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. You and your partner work at part time jobs and do not have any family to care for your child while you are at work. You can only afford to pay $ 500 / month for childcare.
Please include the following in your write-up:

Part I: 1. Name of Childcare Center: 2. Address: 3. Phone Number: 4. Ages Served: 5. Weekly tuition rates for a full-time spot for all the ages they serve: 6. Are they accredited (NAEYC)? 7. Do they accept assistance programs (CDA, YMCA, etc.)? If yes, what do they accept? 8. Do they accept children with identified disabilities?
Part II: Please answer the following questions 1. How difficult or easy was this search? Why? 2. How did you feel while conducting this search? Why? 3. How can find childcare create stress on a family? 4. What were some of the obstacles you encountered when looking for care? 5. How can the quality of childcare impact a child and their family? 6. How can childcare impact family dynamics? What are the possible consequences to the child?

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Running head: CHILDCARE


Part 1
Name of child center: Together We Grow.
Address: 5055 Viewridge Avenue
San Diego, CA 92123
Phone Number: (858)751-0506.
Ages served: Infants up to children of 21 years.
Weekly tuition rates: $120
NAEYC accredited: Yes.
Assistance programs: Yes, they accept assistance programs such that Exceptional Family Resource
Centre, COMPASS Family Centre, and Military OneSource.
Special care: they accept children with special care such as cystic fibrosis.
Part II
1. How difficult or easy was this search? Why?
The search was difficult because it required much time, especially looking for a daycare that
offers special services to children with cystic fibrosis. It was also difficult to identify a daycare
that is accredited. It was also difficult to access...

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