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1.You have been retained as a Lead Information Technology (IT) Director in University of the Cumberlands registrar unit. Student and personnel records are very important to the institution. Recognizing three essential components of access control systems and identification badges, which of these components; discretionary access control (DAC), mandatory access control (MAC), and role-based access control (RBAC) will you implement to support the institution registrar unit.

2.Professional inquiry: which of these three types of can be used to protect and defend access rights to the records, data information of students and personnel embedded in the university registrar unit?

i.Role-based access control

ii.Discretionary access control

iii.Mandatory access control

iv.Relational access control

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3.Provide comprehensive narrative on how your plan of action will postulate offensive and defensive measures for university of the Cumberland’s registrar unit.

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As the Lead Information Technology (IT) Director, I would implement role-based access
in the management of the students and personnel records. Role-based access control involves
giving access to individuals based on their roles in an organization. Before it is set up, the
workforce involved needs to be analyzed and grouped according to their roles based on their job
description. Every individual will then be given access according to their role assignment. Rolebased a...

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