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Select a communication problem area of concern in your organization; then complete a literature review to uncover how that problem manifests itself, and how it has been handled in the available academic literature from the last five years. Research your topic using the Academic Search Premier database and refer to scholarly journals and books as your primary sources. Ensure that your sources are from the last five years unless they are seminal articles that provide a foundational perspective to your problem. Once you have gathered sufficient literature to provide a thorough understanding of the problem you intend to study, thematically group related articles for your review. (No less than 25 articles and books) Recognize that the scholarly articles that you read will all have literature reviews that you can reference for guidance.

Your paper should be 8-10 pages in length, APA style, double-spaced, 12 font, Times New Roman. Be sure to use headings in the literature review. Regardless of your study, a summary of the literature, and limitations of the literature must be among your headings.For example,

  • Computer mediated communication and gender.(Computer mediated communication is the problem being studied.)
  • Computer mediated communication and age.
  • Computer mediated communication and socio-economic class.
  • Summary of the Literature
  • Limitations of the Literature (What are the gaps?)

The headings indicate the different aspects of the communication problem that you are studying. Your final heading must be the Limitations of the literature. After thematically grouping the literature, and writing your review, state the gaps that exist in the literature, and decide how your study will explicitly address a gap in the literature covered.The researcher’s research questions or hypotheses will be directly formulated to address the gap in the literature that has been selected for study.Hence, findings from the study will help advance the literature in the researcher’s chosen area. Please refer to the APA manual for instructions regarding how to complete a literature review. Please note that your research questions or hypotheses will appear in the Introduction section of your proposal.You are merely formatting them at this stage. Include a reference page. This assignment is worth 100 points.

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Computer Mediated Communication Problems in Organizations
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Communication in organizations is one of the vital resources that enhances efficiency,
stability, and productivity. However, there are areas of problems that affect the adeptness of
communication in the organization, which, in this case, is Computer-Mediated Communication
(CMC). This problem manifests in the organization differently, with research analysis showing
numerous factors that influence computer-mediated communication issues. Primarily,
researchers have hypothesized about the CMC and gender, which are among the elements in the
research paper. Additionally, CMC and age are also one of the aspects that have been generated
and theorized of being a problem that affects the communication effectiveness in organizations.
CMC and socio-economic class are among the researches and aspects that have been claimed to
be affecting communication flow in organizations. These three aspects have influenced
communication problems in organizations differently. Therefore, in this literature review paper,
the author will discuss and analyze CMC as a communication problem in the organization to
uncover how it manifests, focusing on the three aspects mentioned above and state arising gaps.
Computer-Mediated Communication and Gender
CMC is a technology phased technique, and it has been argued by many researchers that
there is a disparity of gender roles when it comes to this practice. Five pieces of research have
been analyzed and compared in view of understanding the gaps and arising problems of CMC on
communication. It is vital to understand that CMC is a tool for communication, especially in an
era where every organization consumes virtual technology culture. It includes the use of emails,
professional social media platforms, and video conferencing. CMC is regularly referred to as the
communication of people through computers or smartphones. Initially, in the analysis of the first
research by Mahdi (2017), gender influenced the use of CMC in organizations which alleviates



this research. In this research, male faculty in higher education organizations received fewer
emails while conducting classes for students. It demonstrates that when the male gender holds
specific roles in organizations, it can hinder communication effectiveness due to negative
perceptions, influence, or desire. According to Mahdi (2017), CMC is the greatest tool for
communication, but it can be influenced easily by arising factors depending on the type of
In this case analysis of the first research on CMC and gender, this problem manifests
itself in organizations through negative perception, influence, and desire, which is the nature of
clients. Alternatively, female faculty in using CMC showcased to have received more emails
from students in the same higher education institution. It is the same problem that manifests in
these organizations, which probes the efficiency of communication. While it is required that
communication flow in organizations must be consistent with enhancing productivity, such
factors influence fluctuation. Consequently, it affects the productivity of the organization, which
has been volatile for long. In the first research by Mahdi (2017), CMC and gender is inevitably a
factor that influenced communication problem in an organization.
Moreover, in analyzing the second research on CMC and gender to uncover how this
communication problem manifests itself, several facts were idealized. Conferring to a research
analysis by Favotto, Michaelson, and Davison (2017), which is a health journal on the perception
of CMC, another fact was theorized. The findings in this research demonstrated that the
perception of CMC in both genders varied, considering numerous inclusive of health. In business
organizations, the perception of using CMC mostly varies, with the male gender being more
positive. However, according to Favotto, Michaelson, and Davison (2017), CMC and gender
perception varies depending on the technological development of the environment. But, still, the



perception of CMC relies on the nature of work, health factors, social factors, and complexity.
Due to technological innovations, such as the use of video conferencing, which requires complex
setups, the male gender turned to be more positive and advanced.
Finally, in the remaining three typ...

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