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Written APA paper worth 50 points. Include headings if indicated. No long quotations. Please see APA.

Required 4-6 pages not including title page and reference page.

Address the following questions:

  1. Define “Human Trafficking”.
  2. What are the laws of your state in regards to healthcare provider education and reporting of human trafficking?
  3. What is the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) in the facility where you work when suspected victims are seen? If your facility does not have anything in place what do you think would be an appropriate intervention and who would you approach in your facility to initiate such a policy?
  4. Does your facility have an educational program for the identification and screening of human trafficking victims? If so describe, and if not what do you think would be an appropriate intervention and who would you approach in your facility to initiate such a policy?
  5. Upon reflection of your own clinical experience do you think (or know) you may have come in contact with a victim of human trafficking? Describe the situation (ensuring patient confidentiality) in regards to presenting symptoms, others present with the patient, suspected behaviors, healthcare provider responses, and actions. If you do not have experience with a potential/actual victim what signs would you look for that may indicate your patient is a potential victim of human trafficking?

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Human Trafficking
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Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a serious criminal offense involving the exploitation of human
beings in various including labor, sex slavery, and commercial sex. Home security (n.d) defines
human trafficking as the “use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor or
commercial sex act” (par. 1). The United Nations (n.d) give an alternative definition that
identifies human trafficking as “a serious crime and a grave violation of human rights” (par. 1).
Frankly, the number of trafficked persons in a year is alarming, and the problem is existent in
every country around the world. Essentially, unsuspecting individuals are often lured with false
promises of employment and/or romantic relationships, and they end up becoming victims of
The state of Florida has over the years enforced legislative measures meant to curb the
issue of human trafficking. Healthcare professionals are identified as a group in a unique position
of identifying human trafficking victims. Therefore, the state has implemented a range of laws
for healthcare provider education and the reporting of human trafficking. The passage of the laws
in Florida started in 2012 with the Safe Harbor Act. Essentially, the Act encompassed law
enforcement officers treating victims of trafficking not as criminals but as victims.
Looking to the healthcare setting, the law requires providers to utilize a screening
instrument meant to identify sexually exploited children. The same applies to the Department of
Children and Family. This requirement is crucial for trafficking often involves people from
different age groups, races,...

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