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The world keeps on evolving and the evolution taking place if affecting the current
generations. The emergence and rapid advancements in technology and the internet are having
tremendous effects on the present generations who rely on technology on almost everything.
Technology has dramatically changed the way to carry out their daily activities. It has affected
the way people interact, the way they behave, and even the way individuals think. The majority
of the people who have been greatly affected by the rapid technological advancements are the
millennial. Millennials are individuals who were born between the 1980s and 2000. The baby
boomers brought about social revolution and therefore, the millennial are growing up without
much social interaction. The industrial revolution made individuals more powerful as compared
to the period before the revolution. The millennial generation is just a continuation of a trend
from the previous generations and not a break from the generations. The effect that the everevolving world has on millennial is better illustrated in the article "The Me Me Me Generation."
The author Joel Stein argues that the impact that the evolving world has had on millennials is
more negative than positive. According to the author, the millennials who are children of the Me
generation of baby boomers are lazy, technology-obsessed, and entitled (Stein, J). The generation
relies on technology for nearly everything and does not have to go the extra mile to ensure that
things are done. The generation is so obsessed with technology that they cannot do without their
phones. Accessing the phones is the first thing that an individual in this generation does when he
wakes up. The evolving world has led to the emergence of dangerous groups among the
generation, such as hackers, and this is the reason why individuals are concerned with the
negatives posed by this evolving world. A narcissistic personality disorder is one of the h...

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