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Question 1: Select one current cyber threat against multimedia systems like Blackboard Collaborate, GoToMeeting, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc. and write a paragraph describing the mechanism of attack.

Question 2: Using the cyber threat against multimedia systems that you reported in Question 1, write a paragraph describing your mitigation strategy for protection against this attack.

Question 3: As a Microsoft Windows user and security analyst for an organization, pick ONE Internet browser and justify why that is the best only browser to deploy across the enterprise. Write a paragraph justifying why your Internet browser is the best choice.

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Cyber-Security Questions


Cyber-Security Questions
Question 1

Cyber-crime is a significant problem in the contemporary world. Through the internet,
hackers use sophisticated computer software to breach the system security of organizations to
steal sensitive data as well as cash from banks. Identity theft is an example of a cyber-crime that
continues to worry many people, especially multimedia systems such as GoToMeeting,
Collaborate, Blackboard, and more. Hackers can steal the personal information of the user
through crypto-jacking attacks to create a fake identity using the data they collect in the process
(Gohel & Upadhyay, 2015). Crypto-jacking targets websites to steal the personal data of clients
for the creation of fake identities. The method that...

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