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In our Unit 3 assignment, you will cite statistics that are associated with age, weight, and sexual orientation discrimination in the workplace and describe the growing trend of weight discrimination in today’s workplace.

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Write a 1,000-word paper.Provide a separate overview for each type of discrimination: age, weight, and sexual orientation.Then, answer the question, “Can we eliminate these types of discrimination from the workplace?Be sure to cite statistics that support your findings.

Submission Requirements:

  • APA format is required, which includes:
    • Title page
    • 12pt. font in Times New Roman and double-spaced
    • Reference page, with in-text citations
  • Entire paper length should be 1,000 words or more
  • Include an introduction and conclusion (included in word count!)

This article discusses a court case in which the plaintiff was discharged from his position due to poor performance after the hiring of two younger, inexperienced men.

This article takes a detailed look at age discrimination and clarifies exactly what legislation on this issue aims to protect.

This paper focuses exclusively on sexual orientation and gender identity, as it relates to workplace discrimination. You will also be introduced to many statistics that support the author’s key points.

Focusing on weight-based discrimination, you will be introduced to evidence of discrimination, as well as reasons why anti-discrimination laws should protect people of weight-related prejudice and stereotypes.

Watch VideoThe Modern Age - Age-discrimination in the workplace

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Watch Video4) Age Discrimination--Stossel ABC (Legal)

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This video is an eye-opening look at how age discrimination legislation has impact employers. You will also gain insights on addressing the age-related needs of the workforce.This is a “devil’s advocate” approach to age discrimination. Mr. Stossel’s viewpoints exist in today’s workplace, and surly should be considered by employers and employees.

Watch VideoSexual Orientation in the Workplace - Learning & Development

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Watch VideoLaw Passed to End LGBT Discrimination in the Workplace

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This video focuses on the rights of an employee to work in a harassment-free workplace, as it pertains to sexual orientation. We must think and act professionally in professional settings.This is a current events video that highlights the federal legislation that protects against LGBT discrimination in the workplace. The video will also offer several statistics regarding this topic.

Watch VideoOpenLine: Workplace Weight Discrimination

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This video takes a specific look at weight discrimination in the workplace. Specifically, it looks at wage differences, the stereotypes associated with weight, and how weight discrimination differs between women and men.

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Statistics: Age, Weight, and Sexual Orientation Discrimination

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Statistics: Age, Weight, and Sexual Orientation Discrimination
Workplace discrimination is a problem that many employees and job applicants face
today. Over the years, surge in cases of workplace discrimination has prompted the federal and
state governments to enact laws to curtail the vice and promote the tenets of equal employment
opportunity. At the Federal level, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is
vested with the mandate to enforce a majority of anti-workplace discrimination laws. The laws
enforced by the EEOC apply to most organizations with at least 15 workers, as well as a majority
of labor unions and employment agencies. The laws address discrimination n all human resource
practices, including hiring, dismissing, promotion, wages, benefits, and training. Age, weight,
and sexual orientation are some of the common bases of workplace discrimination today, with
studies revealing rising trajectories in the number of incidents.
Age discrimination occurs when an employee or a job applicant is accorded a less
favorable treatment solely based on his or her age. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act
(ADEA) of 1967 establishes individuals aged 40 years or older as a protected class that can lodge
a discrimination complaint if they feel that an unfavorable employment action against them by an
individual also aged 40 years or above was motivated by age factor (EEOC, n.d.). According to
ADEA, employers are barred from discriminating this class of individuals in any aspect of
human resources including hiring, pay, job allocation, promotion, training, dismissal, and layoff
(EEOC, n.d.). ADEA also addresses the issue of workplace harassment such as the use of
offensive or derogatory language that targets an individual because of his or her age (EEOC,
n.d.). Harassment meets the threshold of illegality when it is perennial and aggravated such that
it results in a hostile work environment or an adverse employment decision such as demotion of
the victim.



Age discrimination is prevalent in today’s workplaces. According to a survey conducted
in 2017, more than 6 in 10 employees aged 45 and above in the U.S. report that they have
witnessed or experienced age discriminati...

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