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Your training plans are not yielding the expected results in learning according to the data that you've analyzed. There has been discussion with the leadership team about issues with employees not being motivated to learn, and employee surveys have confirmed that employees are not sufficiently motivated. Your team has been asked by the HR Director to investigate what may be causing the lack of motivation. Your investigation should consider barriers to learning, motivational theories, and alternatives for enhancing employee motivation. 

Create a report, minimum word count of 550 words that summarizes various motivational theories. 

Write a report that includes the following components:

  • A comparison of motivational theories
  • Alternatives that should be considered to enhance learner motivation
  • The impact on self-efficacy on learning
  • Recommendations for improving motivation for learning
  • Data that you will collect to determine whether or not your recommendations are having a positive effect upon employee motivation
  • Strategies for enhancing the retention of learning
  • Post-implementation surveys and analysis to determine the effectiveness of training on motivation.

Please only cite U.S. references. 

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Training with an Impact
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Employee motivation refers to the workers' energy levels, creativity, as well as
commitments that are channeled to their company. Both small and large companies should work
on motivating the workforce to learn new skills daily. This paper aims to compare the
motivational theories and ways to improve learning, the impact of self-efficacy, as well as
recommendations, and strategies to enhance motivation for learning.
Several motivational theories were developed to enhance learning among workers.
McClelland's need theory states that necessities are acquired depending on the kind of
environment one is occupying. The needs can be affiliation, power, and achievement. Therefore,
the surroundings determine what people need in their lives. The oth...

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