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Select a firm that is experiencing significant economic, social, personal distress as a result of the fallout from the Coronavirus. You are writing as a managerial economics consulting group with no way to predict the course of the virus, how long it will last, or measures to be taken by governments, groups, and individuals.

With the goal of helping the firm to eventually reach a fully functioning and healthy, profitable state, you are to provide recommendations for what actions they should take. These actions should be practical, achievable and clearly stated - no fuzzy, feel good notions allowed.

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Running head: GENERAL MOTORS


General Motors



The current Coronavirus pandemic is anticipated to affect businesses globally. Currently,
people are more focused on protecting themselves from diseases than spending. Also, from an
economist perspective, it is not the right time to spend on luxuries as there is a fear of economic
recession. Many companies have started to strain both economically and socially. One of these
companies is General Motors. GM is an international company whose HQs are in Detroit. It
designs, manufactures and sells automobiles and spare parts to both local and international
markets. Since its market is both domestic and international, it is bound to experience high stress
in its operations (Barra, 2020). However, there are specific strategies that the company can
implement to maximize its profits during these difficult moments.
GM’s recommendations
Following the coronavirus pandemic, GM has suspended all operations in Northern
America. Most employees are not reporting to work in the effort of reducing the spread of the
virus. No visitors are allowed in the GM offices. The company has also offered donations and
grants to increase the personal protective equipment for the people handling the virus. Due to
these measures, the company is really being affected financially, mainly due to the halt of
operations and most employees working from home (Barra, 2020). However, there are strategies
that the company can implement to ensure that it maintains a healthy and profitable state. The
four strategies that it can implement include increasing the price controls, shift in supply,
economic value-added, and strategy gam...

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