UMU Undergraduate Students Perceptions of Using YouTube as a Learning Tool Concerning Gender Differences at University of Ha’il Paper

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1. Discuss extant literature on video-based learning utilizing different video streaming platforms/services. What video streaming services have been investigated in the literature and what are the affordances and constraints of their usage in education?

Talk about research(books, websites- written literature) that has been written about video based learning when streaming videos. Which video streaming services have already been studied and written about in regard to how they benefit or hold back education.

Ex. Video streaming services- Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, YouTube TV, Prime TV etc.

Describe what streaming is.

2. Discuss potential guiding frameworks of technology adoption (e.g., TPB, TRA, TAM1, 2, 3, UTAUT, etc.) and provide rationale on which framework(s) best fits the purpose of your study. (I will provide you a brief about my research study)

Discuss and define the frameworks and describe the diffences between each. Connect each framework to your research breifely and then identify framework that fits best within your research and describe why it works the best/how it functions within your research. Talk about the benefits and disadvantages of each and

Note: Online engagement- talk about websites just on the internet. Ex. Google scholar, google doc, zoom, skype, Microsoft team, adobe, etc..


- The response should be approximately 18 pages not including references. The response should be double-spaced.

- You can add diagrams to support your answer (with clear explanation)

- APA style paper required

- I will provide you a brief about my research study subject and my research questions as well. So that you can make a connection between your answer and my study.

- In the end, you require to send me all the resources that you used for your answer. However, academic resources are important to use instead of utilizing sites, etc..

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Undergraduate Students' Perceptions of Using YouTube as a Learning Tool Concerning Gender
Differences at The University of Ha’il.
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Streaming media refers to the process through which the video or audio content sent in
compressed content is played immediately instead of saving the content and to play later. Thus
steaming gives an opportunity to the user to play the file at any time due to a continuous stream of
data. It creates a number of advantages to the user that includes allowing the user to make
interactive applications in searching for videos and personalized playlist, allows bandwidth
efficiency use. It allows only the part that is users to watch the part of the file that is being
transferred to be viewed and provides the content creator with more control, thus maintaining the
flow (Klarke, Garner, Sassenrath, Wood & De Haas, 2016). The research on this paper focuses on
examining the perception of the YouTube platform among the undergraduate students at Ha'il
University identifying the opinion among the students on using YouTube platforms, the influence
of using YouTube platforms among the students as one of the learning tools as well as indenting
the relationship of gender perception of YouTube platforms among the undergraduate students at
Ha'il University.
Based on the previous research conducted, it shows that most of the teenagers go online on
a daily basis contributing to 92% of the teenagers and 71% percent who visit the social networking
sites (Dickey, 2011). Digital technology has advanced and becomes a feature that is more
prominent on both adults and youths, allowing to interact, communicate, and learning changes that
continue to occur. Technology has enhanced creativity social interaction and collaboration,
creating an argument among many scholars that technological changes have changed society over
the last two decades due to the web (Song & Kong, 2017). Thus there is a need to adjust the
curricula to meet the needs of digital technology due to their prominence in teens' lives opportunity
for interaction and flexibility, making YouTube a better platform for undergraduate students.



However, there exists an argument about the use of the YouTube platform as the best tool in
learning. Others view it as one of the ways to promote socialization, thus creating the gap that
exists among the students and the scholar's views creating the difference. Thus creating a desire
for a strong agreement on your tube, their affordances, or how they should be taken up in
classrooms among the undergraduate students. Thus adding to this study, some of the quantitative
research that has been conducted on the use of YouTube platforms examines the asserted
affordance and barriers for education describing the student and the potential implication influence
and perception of using YouTube platforms as one of the tools among the undergraduates.
Problem statement.
Due to a lack of studies focusing on the university student video-sharing website as one of the
tools in Saudi Arabia, the application of social media tools is unclear. Thus, the paper examines
the perception of YouTube platforms among the students at Ha'il University. It focuses on the
attitudes of using YouTube platforms among the students and explore the relationship between
gender perceptions among undergraduate students at Hail University. The research intended to
answer the following questions.
1. What is the average duration of use of YouTube as a learning platform among

undergraduate Hail university students?
2. What is the general perception of YouTube as a learning tool among undergraduate Hail

University students?
3. Are there differences in perception of YouTube’s platform as a learning tool among male

and female undergraduate students at Hail University?



The research used the quantitative research method based on the survey conducted to collect
data from the student population at Hail University using questioners with both open and closed
questioners. It aimed to obtain two pieces of information.
1. The student perception on YouTube as a learning tool, and the average time spent.
2. The perception difference among male and female students, at the university of at Hail
University Saudi Arabia.
Thus through the open-ended questions, the student will be provided with an opportunity to
explain themselves and the perceptions they have on using YouTube as one of the learning tools,
explain the problems they face if any.
A questioner was sent targeting all undergraduate students taking the information science and
computer. A total of 70 questioners was returned, amounting to a response rate of 30% excluding
20 questioners due to incomplete response and analyzing 50 questioners.

Analysis and results
The descriptive statistics for each question were analyzed and calculated, investigating the
student's perceptions on YouTube, and the percentage of each item was reported. The results were
divided into three cases addressing the issues on the average duration spend on YouTube, the
individual perception on YouTube, and the difference in perception of males and females using
YouTube at hail university.



General perception and uses of you tube.
The analysis on the response of students shows that all the students that responded have
used YouTube to search for video clips online. The rate of usage, however, varies among the
students, as illustrated in the figure. The highest percentage of the student is 30% who tent to use
the access YouTube 2-5 hours dai...

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