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Governors State University Decision Making & Managerial Skills Interview Essay

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Below are the requirements for the paper. It needs to be written in your own words. I encourage you to draw from your textbook and class discussions as you connect theory with practice.

Interview--- Submissions with insufficient length will not be accepted. The paper will be in a narrative format-- as outlined below.

Purpose: The class project will be one that offers the student a viable opportunity to demonstrate management skills. Overview: Each student will present an interview with an individual who, at one point in their career has been a manager.

Topic: Interview a mid- to top-level manager.

Format: Between 5-6 pages long, double-spaced, 12 font and approximately 1" margin and double spaced pages --EXCLUDING the cover page.

Page one should be a summary page that provides an overview of the organization (anonymously), the manager (anonymously), and the position held. The body of the paper should ideally discuss how this person, manages other people within the four functions--planning-organizing-directing-controlling thrives or attempts to survive handles a typical day integrates a particular style of management (autocratic, democratic, etc.) deals with making ethical decisions motivates employees serves as an example of a good or bad manager leads the department communicates most often--written, e-mail, etc. Include a small piece on business ethics.

The last page of your paper should offer a summary of what you learned from the interview.

The final paper will be anonymous. A small business person will also work for this project.

I am asking for a cut/paste email, not attached file. It will eventually be posted in discussions as a cut/paste.

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Managerial functions




Managerial skills
Management of skills in any given sort of an organization enhances understanding of the
duties to the managers, the employees and thus the overall team in the company (Mone, London,
& Mone, 2018). Also, skills management is quite essential for the development of the
organization as well as for the deployment of the employees. Through the implementation of
managerial skills, the administration should readily and efficiently manage to identify the skills
required for the completion of the duties competently and the skills for the specific employees.
Among the various management skills, the managers need to acquire the skills of planning,
effective decision making, communication, motivation skills and also the problem-solving skills
within the performance of their duties in the organization.
Through the management as mentioned above skills, the managers can efficiently
communicate to the employees with clarity which enhances proper understanding of the assigned
duties and how to go about them competently. Also, they strengthen the coordination of the
shareholders towards the accomplishment of the set common goals in the overall performance of
the organization. Through the skill of employee motivation, an organization gains the advantage
to retain its employees and hence the simultaneous growth of the company along with their
employee, which encourages loyalty. Through the implementation of the management skills, the
company adequately benefits from the consistent growth and generation of revenue as the
organization of the company is machine-like-ran. It is of importance to note that through the
significance of one's utilization of the management skills, it helps in the growth and development
of the specific's career and hence the flourishing of the profession.



The interview below will adequately focus on the management of the ABC Company,
which is the leading manufacturer of electronic devices globally. Over recent years, productivity
management has surpassed the rival companies in the market due to the competency in the
quality management of the company, which is the current trend. Upon the evaluation of the
company, the production manager, Mary was realized as the most impactful manager in the
management of the organization's productions. Also, Mary, as a member of the Human Resource
management, enhanced so much competency in the production team of the employees in the
company. In the recent past, the ABC Company has emerged on the lead through the
diversification of the innovations and the unique brand products to the market and hence the
satisfaction of the potential customers. In the creation of the various companies, the set goals,
determine the qualities of a manager required to enhance the essential management of the
productive operations. Also, the managers are helpful in the evaluation of the skills and the
abilities of the employees to decide on the duties to assign, and the analysis on the needs for
training of the employees.
The management of the employees and the operations of an entire productivity chain is
quite a complex task which is not manageable by all individuals. The task is only efficient with
some specific individuals with unique attributes that make them stand out in the crowd and
emerge as the most competent managers. Some of the most common qualities related to great
managers include the managers being visionary, which adequately helps in directing the
employees towards the overall achievement of the set goals and the specified duration. Also, a
great manager is responsible and knows how to issue commands to the employees to enhance
professional relations, and ethics are withheld in the company.
The management interview



As the production manager, Mary admitted to the difficulties associated with leading the
employees towards the achievement of the set operational and production goals of the entire
company. However, through the acquisition of the important management skills of a production
manager, it makes the roles and responsibilities quite handle to accomplish. Through effective
command communication, Mary was able to interact with the employees to know their strengths
and weaknesses in the productions. Also, through the qualities of motivation, she managed to
improve the skills and abilities of the...

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