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Spend a few moments reflecting on the vulnerability of different populations in the current Covid 19 pandemic.


Discussion Question: Pick one of the three examples below and offer your thoughts on how impoverished and marginalized populations are disproportionately impacted by Covid 19. In doing so, include your ideas for responsive advocacy and/or social services responses.

*In your reflections, include resources and responses that you know about that are happening now to build our own class-community awareness of available support and/or ways to get involved.

All discussion posts are due no later than Sunday March 29th, at 11:59pm, when the module closes. To earn credit for the disucssion, you need to submit your own response and comment on the post of at least one other classmate.

Example #1 Thoughts from a local school social worker in Palm Beach County - The Covid 19 health crisis is unprecedented and impacts individuals across the globe. People are working from home, stockpiling food, and visiting doctors over any possible symptoms. We have numerous stressors currently, but there is also a larger social justice question to ponder. For many from low-income immigrant communities taking the precautions and making accommodations around Covid 19 may feel like a luxury, making them particularly vulnerable during the pandemic. Many low-income immigrants do not have health care; while only 8% of citizens are uninsured, that number rises to 23% among immigrants with legal status, and up to 45% for immigrants without status. Many of these families work 2-3 jobs, jobs that are now “on-hold” during the crisis, leaving the families without income. Additionally, a language barrier makes it difficult for families to access information on prevention, testing, and quarantine guidelines. The cost of testing and the possibility of self-quarantine is an impediment to report their illness. These families have a genuine fear of accessing services because they would have to reveal their citizenship status, and this can prevent them from going to a hospital.

Example #2 Covid 19 and Clean Water - To align with last week's topic, a recent news article highlighting concern in India stated: UNICEF said last week that almost 20% of urban Indians do not have facilities with water and soap at home. What could make things worse, experts say, is that social distancing is nearly impossible in many Indian cities that are among the world’s most densely populated areas. About 160 million- more than the population of Russia – of India’s 1.3 billion people don’t have access to clean water.“Clean water is the first line of defense,” said V.K. Madhaven, India chief executive at WaterAid, a global advocacy group for water and sanitation. “If there is no access to clean water, the situation could worsen.”

About 600 million Indians face acute water shortages, according to government think tank NITI Aayog.

Example #3 Covid 19 and RefugeesTo maintain a thread with your mid-term topic, consider a quote from a recent news article in the Washington Post: The prospect of a ­covid-19 outbreak within one of the dozens of refugee camps, migrant centers and displacement sites spread across the Middle East is a nightmare within a nightmare. Agencies are bracing for the rapid spread of the disease through tightly packed camps where feeble health systems, poor sanitation, warfare and political restraints could make it nearly impossible to contain.

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Vulnerable Population and Covid-19



Vulnerable Population and Covid-19
The case study about the Covid-19 health crisis among local school social work in Palm
Beach Count shows that impoverished and marginalized populations are disproportionately
affected by Covide-19. In this case, prevention measures an...

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