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Select one form of SPECIATION and share your rendition of this process of speciation. You can list the steps that occur. Once again mutation which provides variation is at the heart of the process. Mutation is the engine that runs evolutionary change. IF VARIATION IS NOT PRESENT IN THE ORIGINAL POPULATION THERE IS NO VARIETY AVAILABLE TO ADAPT TO THE NEW ENVIRONMENT AFTER THE CHANGE IN THE HABITAT OCCURS . IF YOU SAY THAT THE CHANGE IN THE ENVIRONMENT MAKES A MUTATION HAPPEN YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE CREDIT - BECAUSE THIS IS NOT CORRECT. MUTATIONS OCCUR RANDOMLY - NOT ON DEMAND

Make sure you account for this in your rendition.

By this I mean, you must show that a mutation has randomly occurred in the species prior to any other steps occurring. Once again showing the steps in the process is what is important here.

list each step in an example of speciation.

Allopatric speciation is just a fancy name for speciation by geographic isolation,

Peripatric speciation is a special version of the allopatric speciation model and happens when one of the isolated populations has very few individuals.

Sympatric speciation does not require large-scale geographic distance to reduce gene flow between parts of a population. Merely exploiting a new niche may automatically reduce gene flow with individuals exploiting the other niche.

In parapatric speciation, Individuals are more likely to mate with their geographic neighbors than with individuals in a different part of the population’s range.

Review these to make sure you understand the processes of speciation.

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Speciation Project: Allopatric Speciation

Speciation is an event causing splitting of a lineage to produce more than one separate
species. A population that is geographically-continuous contains a pool of genes that is fairly
homogenous (LibreTexts, 2019). The flow of genes across a variety of species is not restricted
since individuals can move and mate freely with others in the same location. When such
populations become discontinuous geographica...

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