Arizona State Role of Religion in Creating and Structuring Society Essay

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Answer TWO questions, ONE from group (A) and ONE from group (B) font s

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Answer TWO questions, ONE from group (A) and ONE from group (B) (GROUP A) Answer only ONE of the following questions. Write your answer in four pages, font size 12 and use double-space. Answer the question from the reading material that we have studied during the course. • • • • • • • Discuss the modern argument of the movement toward a secular society, and the historical and contemporary challenges to this argument. Discuss the Confessional Congress as presented by James and Lyman. Discuss the rle of religion in creating and structuring society, as presented in the works of Durkheim. Discuss the political mobilization of American Evangelicals in the 1970s and the 1980s. Discuss religion and political action as presented in Wald and Brown’s textbook. Discuss Habermas’ approach to the law as a discourse that mediates both norms and facts. Discuss the Catholic, Protestant and Enlightenment roots of the U.S. family laws as presented by J. Witte. (Group B) Answer only ONE of the following questions. Write your answer in three pages, font size 12 and use double-space. Use Internet sources and academic papers, which you can find on the digital library and Google Scholar, to find enough information for your answer. You may use any academic style at your convenience to write your footnotes, and your bibliography. You must write a bibliography. • • • • • • Write a short essay on the legalization of gay marriage in U.S. Write a short essay on teaching religion in public schools as debated in U.S. and regulated through different rulings of the Supreme Court. Write a short essay on the role of religion in 2012 presidential elections. Write a short essay on Arizona Covenant Marriage. Write a short essay on the laws of abortion in U.S. Write a short essay on religious diversity in U.S. ...
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Covenant Marriage in Arizona
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Covenant Marriage in Arizona
Covenant marriage is a distinct legal1 marriage in which the spouses marrying agree to
obtain pre counselling and accept limited chances for obtaining a divorce. The covenant marriage
is open for both same-sex couples and opposite-sex couples. The covenant marriage was
incorporated on August 21, 1998, in Arizona as a statue new type of marriage. The laws to the
incorporation of the new type of marriage are found in sections 25-901 of the revised Arizona
Statues2. A covenant Marriage does not replace any kind of marriage, instead, it gives more
chances and options to couples who wish to marry. The covenant marriage in Arizona according
to proponents of covenant marriage promotes strong marriages and lessens the numbers of
children born out of wedlock and frame marriage as an honorable institution. The covenant
marriage follows different steps that must be taken for the corporation and appropriate procedure
for legal separation or divorce.
Before entering the covenant marriage in Arizona, a couple must seek counseling
presided by a marriage counselor or a member of the clergy. The counseling session...

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