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For their Global Marketing Journal, your peers have been planning a trip to their country. You will review three of these trips. There are a bunch of really interesting trip ideas. Review the proposed options for each trip and indicate your preferences to that peer. Summarize your responses in this post.

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To get a sense of the issues in Your Country, you will examine its problems and discuss ways to address them.

  1. Go to the website of Transparency International at this link(Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.). Watch the short video to better understand what the Corruption Perceptions Index is. At the bottom of that page, look at "THE FULL DATA SET" for the Corruption Perceptions Index. Give the rankings for Your Country for the last 4 years. How has it changed?
  2. Under the tab "What We Do" find the option "Corruption by Country" and go to Your Country. Find a "NATIONAL INTEGRITY SYSTEM ASSESSMENT" for Your Country (in English) and look at what specific issues Your Country was having at the time. This section is usually Chapter 5 in the PDF of this booklet.
  3. Go to the "ANTI-CORRUPTION HELPDESK" at this link(Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.). Find the publication "Overview of Corruption and Anti-Corruption for" Your Country. What are Your Country's major issues and are they growing worse of improving?
  4. Now that you have a better understanding of some of the corruption issues in Your Country, discuss three options from Chapter 6 to reduce a firm's risk (you choose the firm) and what the firm gives up by choosing that option.

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A Uniqueness of Your Option 1 Country to: Ġgantija See (a special place) Ġgantija is a megalithic temple complex, and one of the oldest shrines in the world, predating even the pyramids.1 Option 2 Lower Barrakka Gardens To see the Monument to Sir Alexander Ball This ancient Greek styled monument is located in the center of a beautiful cliffside garden filled with (Ggantija is why I other neoclassical selected Malta! Such a designs. cool temple) International Fireworks Festival This year between 18 and 30 April 20202 Experience (a cultural activity in which to participate) Like the guide says! Fireworks are always a great idea, and this is a cultural and yearly event in Malta. The Changing of the Guards2 This ceremony dates back to the 17th century, and includes much fanfare for a historic event. Kapunata3 elwa tat-Tork 3 Eat (a local favorite food) This Maltese version of ratatouille is a vegetarian dish made with bell peppers, capers, aubergines and many other vegetables4. This Mediterranean desert contains a sweet sugary mixture of crushed and whole almonds Glass Blowing5 Filigree5 Make (a unique handicraft one can try to learn) Filigree is fine threads of gold or silver woven together. Glass blowing is an important part of Maltese culture and areas to watch and participate can be found all over the islands. You can make anything from a glass to a figure, like a falcon. Meet (a famous person - needs to be alive)* Davide Tucci7 Coryse Borg6 *Many celebrities with Maltese heritage leave Is a male actor who has the country for larger Is a female director and appeared in some population centers so actress who currently Hollywood films. while there aren’t many resides in Malta people to visit and see, many stars come from Malta. Travel (a way to get around) Public Bus Service8 Water Taxi8 Malta is a very small island, a bus will be able to get you just about anywhere. Traditional Maltese “dghasja” boats can take you out of the grand harbor to the neighboring islands. Name: Karl Prices vary widely for flights American airline Delta has tickets starting at $6,913 for round trip 16 hour and 33minute flights however Turkish Airlines offers a round trip 14 hour 20 minute flight for $926 so that is the obvious choice. These tickets would be for April 19th through May 4th giving you 20 days to enjoy all the sights of Malta. These would be for flights from Atlanta Georgia to Valletta Malta. 2. Flight Information: ATL to RUH (Riyadh) $1600 18 Hrs Saudi Arabia Travel Option 1 Options 2 Al Murabba Palace- The home See (A Special Al Ahsa Oasis-A desert and Palace of former King Place) oasis Abdul Aziz Experience ( A Jeddah Mosque- Saudi Cultural Arabia is considered the Activity) birthplace of Islam Wear an abaya or thwab- traditional robes worn by women and men in Saudi Arabia Eat (A local food) Shakshuka- poached eggs baked in a tomato pepper sauce served on warm pita bread. Shawerma- A wrap with lamb or chicken and vegetables. Make ( A unique handicraft one can learn to make) Dowry Basket- A beautiful hand weaved basket traditionally used by brides to carry their dowry. Pottery-traditionally used to serve and store food. Hassan Jameel- Wealthy Meet ( A King Salman- Royal king of Saudi businessman dating famous person) Saudi Arabia Rihanna. Travel ( A way Camel-In rural Saudi Arabia Uber- Uber is available to get around) camels are used for travel. in Saudi Arabia. Name: Ronesha A Uniqueness of Your Country to: See (a special place) Option 1 Option 2 Rosenborg Castle: A Renaissance gem in the middle of town Tivoli Gardens: A world class amus park Circle the round tower for a sky view the city. The observatory is a fun wa Experience (a Visit Hamlet’s castle where see the city and the oldest functioni cultural activity in Shakespeare’s many plays became a observatory in Europe. People clim which to participate) huge part of the English curriculum. way to the top for a beautiful view o Copenhagen. Taste Copenhagen on a classic food tour that takes you through the Eat (a local favorite history of Danish cuisine where you food) can taste your way through Copenhagen’s best local eateries. Try Nordic Cuisine. It has claimed t home of the best restaurant in the w several years running. Here it is recommended to try smorrebrod, gr black bread. Make (a unique handicraft one can try to learn) You can visit a locally owned business called Creative Space. Here you can custom paint pottery and enjoy a nice cup of coffee. You can visit one of the many art fa they host or venture into a local art museum. Meet (a famous person - needs to be alive) Meet the Royals: Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, Princess Mary, and Prince Frederik of Denmark at the Amalienborg Palace Redzepi, Rene, Chef and co-founde Copenhagen restaurant 'Noma'. No listed by Restaurant Magazine as th restaurant in the world. Copenhagen offers public transport inexpensive and easy to use. The Ride a bicycle around the city. Copenhagen Card gives you unlimi Travel (a way to get Denmark is known for their avid around) biking culture. They have huge biking public transport in the capital region Denmark plus free entry to over 80 lanes all over. museums and attractions. This Country Study is for Denmark. I chose to focus on the capital, Copenhagen. Flight Information: Currently, there are a few different options for flying. With Turkish Airlines you get the cheapest flight at $826.00 with one stop taking 29 hours and 25 minutes. You can travel for a shorter period of time with Delta at 11 hours and 27 minutes with one stop costing $1338.00. Lastly, United, Lufthansa offers a 19 hour and 20-minute flight with two stops costing $1253.00 or a 16 hour and 5-minute flight with three stops costing $1264.00. Name: Ashton ...
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Response to Karl
Hello, Karl, I have read your article on the attractions that exist in your nation, Malta.
Equally, I am interested in traveling to the country to visit and enjoy the moments. The second
options look fine. Specifically, I am in visiting the nation to meet celebrities like Davide Tucci. I
am a big fan of movies, and as such, the option of visiting Malta and getting the chance to
interact with the personality will be memorable. Additionally, I enjoy boat rides. Equally, in your
review, Malta is described as a beautiful place to experience boat rides in the traditional Maltese
boats. The ticket price offered by Turkish Airlines is affordable. Similarly, the duration of travel
is shorter. As such, I believe that a visit to Malta will be great.
Response to Ronesh
Hello, Ronesh. Your review of Saudi Arabia is interesting. I love interacting with
individuals from different cultures. The first option in your article looks attractive. Similarly, I
would like to visit the Jeddah mosque to get a connection with the origin of Islam. Equally, I
love traveling. As such, with the presence of different forms of transport in the nation like
camels, I believe it will be fun using the mode of transportation to move around. Further, ...

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