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Course: Team and Process Facilitation if you don't know about this course or have no idea, I don't your writing paper because it make me re-write the whole thing.

Intent: This paper asks you to consider more deeply the responsibilities inherent in calling a meeting and to recognize when these responsibilities are carried well, by you or someone else. Please prepare a paper (approximately 1000 words) that addresses the following in distinct sections. Please use APA formatting (for in-text citations and end-of-paper reference list) as you refer to sources. Read the excerpt (pp. 74 – 97) from The Art of Gathering on generous authority.

A. Write a reflection on generous authority. You may want to take issue with the idea, explaining why you advocate for “chill” hosting; elaborate on the power or dilemmas posed by being a host with generous authority; or describe the conditions under which generous authority is merited and when it is not.

B. Next, describe your own meeting/gathering experiences related to exercising generous authority. When did you exercise, or experience someone else exercising, generous authority well and with insight? When did you abdicate, or experience someone else abdicating, responsibility for protecting, equalizing, and connecting the gathering participants? What was the outcome?

C. Finally, assess yourself as a convener-with-generous-authority. What do you do well? What skills and behaviors can you strengthen, so that your gatherings are stronger, more meaningful, and more effective? If you like, you can use Benefits and Concerns for this section, as long as you summarize your conclusions in sentences.

Source: attached along with the rubric. Make sure to follow the rubric when writing the paper

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Hey! I am done. I know the excerpt is from this book:The art of gathering: How we meet and why it matters. I hope I have used the correct edition. Otherwise, let me know. Please find the document attached. Thank you.


Team and Process Facilitation, Paper 3

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Team and Process Facilitation, Paper 3
A. Reflection on Generous Authority
Understanding the concept of the generous host, specifically the role that a generous host
plays in making guests in a gathering or party feel that their time has been utilized well, is
imperative. At a time when being “chill” or “cool” is considered a great virtue, hosts need to
learn how exercising generous authority, that is, being firm, responsible and controlling when
one is the host, is deserved (Parker, 2018). One of the reasons that many gatherings do not
achieve their purpose despite hosts laying down meeting agendas is the tendency of some hosts
to play is cool and allow things run on their own upon initiating a meeting (Parker, 2018). For
this reason, the purpose and agenda of a gathering must be made clear to everyone.
Failing to exert authority as a host by sitting back creates a vacuum that is likely to create
a state of confusion. Because of the vacuum, someone is likely to rise to the occasion and exert
their own agenda that might not be consistent with the original purpose of the meeting. Hosts
need to understand that guests who attend gatherings expe...

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