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I’m working on a English exercise and need support.

- writing style: MLA format

- I want the essay to be like high school student writing .

- the essay should be 5 paragraphs with in 2 to 3 pages max and the work cited page.

- Must include at least one source in each one of the three body paragraphs so the total sources should be 3 .

- I already wrote the thesis statement so I want it to be included in the essay. exactly, it should be the last sentence in the introduction.

Thesis statement: increasing one’s happiness can happen through plenty of things, such as, being socialize, smiling, and doing what one’s most passionate about.

1- first paragraph should be the introduction about " how to increase one's happiness" + including the thesis above. it should be the last sentence.

2- first body paragraph should be about " being socialize" + include one source

3- second body paragraph should be about " smiling" + include one source

4- third body paragraph should be about " doing what one's most passionate about" + include one source

5- the last paragraph should be the conclusion. " don't forget to rewrite the thesis and paraphrase it. it should be in the begging of the conclusion.

- the last page should be the works cited page in MLA format as well.

thank you.

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How to Increase Happiness
Happiness is very essential to the wellbeing of a person. For instance, happiness boost the
immune health and improves blood flow hence improving the cardiovascular health. When one
is happy, they are also able to extend happiness to other people. Therefore, happiness improves
interpersonal relationships and help people to cope with negativity. It is therefore imperative for
an individual to find and increase his/her level of happiness. Increasing one’s happiness can
happen through plenty of things, such as, being socialize, smiling, and doing what one’s most
passionate about
Research shows that people who are more socially engaged are likely to be happier than
those who are not. For instance, Rohrer et al highlights that connecting socially with other people
make an individual happier as stress levels are reduced, mood is boosted and the brain function is
improved (1293). Therefore, one can increase happiness by finding strategies for social
interaction such as spending more time with family and friends as well as engaging in
volunteering services. As a result, connecting with other people and doing activities that have
social impact can make one happy. Socialization activities...

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Thanks for the help.

Outstanding. Studypool always delivers quality work.

Tutor was very helpful and took the time to explain concepts to me. Very responsive, managed to get replies within the hour.

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