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Hello Students,

In light of the current health situation, I'd like to offer an option by reviewing any three of the following jazz videos in lieu of attending a live jazz concert to write your concert reviews on;

Duke Ellington-

"VIP's boogie"

"Mood Indigo"

"It Don't Mean A Thing"

Louis Armstrong

"I Cover The Waterfront", "Dinah" and "Tiger Rag"

These concerts must be accompanied by a 1.5-2 page, typewritten, thoroughly proofread (use Turabian or MLA as a guide for page formatting, citations, etc.) review which must be completed and electronically submitted no later than March 31st, 2020 at 11:59 pm for Concert review

In addition to whatever you feel is significant to say about your experience, you must also list:

  1. The instruments that were played.
  2. The form of at least one piece you heard.
  3. The performers names and the names of the songs played.
  4. The time.
  5. The date.
  6. The venue.
  7. The price of the event.
  8. A detailed account of your personal impressions of the music (what you liked and disliked about it and why).
  9. A review of at least 3 songs and try to determine the tempo, style, rhythm, and piano/bass/drum techniques used as best you can.

WARNING: Plagiarism is relatively easy for an instructor to detect! Answers that appear to be based on content easily found on the web, or are identical to another student's work are not accepted and will receive a ZERO. See ACADEMIC INTEGRITY in the syllabus for details. Your resources for doing these assignments are your media player and the information in the text.

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Final Answer


Student name
Music Concert Review
Duke Ellington’s “Mood Indigo”
The instruments that were played in the concert included trumpet, alto sax and clarinet,
piano, trombone, baritone sax, banjo, bass, and drums. The jazz swing form that was used in Mood
Indigo featured a unique arrangement and also gave a better idea of the band’s playing. The form
typically showed the musicians in the concert addressing the camera directly. There was liveliness
and realism in the performance. The hit tunes and voicing of the instruments significantly
contributed to the uniqueness of the music. Unlike other mus, this music presented a muted
trombone that was hit at the highest notes. The clarinet was presented at the bottom of its register.
The names of the performers in the concert included Duke Ellington, Arthur Whetsel, Barney
Bigard, Wellman Braud, Joe Nanton, Fred Guy, Sonny Greer, Freddy Jenkins, Harry Carney,
Cootie Williams, Jonny Hodges, and Juan Tizol. The song that was played during the concert was
“Mood Indigo.” The concert took place in 1952 on March 14th, in Los Angeles studios.
Based on my impression of Ellington’s music, “Mood Indigo,” the uniqueness and the
quality of the voicing in the music is what was interesting. The harmonizing of the opening chorus
was distinctive. Throughout the performance, the performers maintained a quiet mood of
melancholy by blue notes and low dynamics. Barney Bigard’s clarinet solo was also expressive,
and one could feel the song. The instruments that were used and how the performers brought out

and matched the instrumental tones made it attractive and inviting for someone always to want to
listen to the tones. The high tones of the trombone moderated with low clarinet tenors and trumpets
made the performance lively. The music grabbed the attention of the audience quickly- both for
those who listened and those who watched. The composition of the performance begins with an
experimental rampage on Duke’s piano, then right into the slow melodic bass clarinet and
trombones. A calm expression for a mellow clarinet solo is heard followed by a muted trumpet
solo, and lastly, Ellington’s solo. The beauty of the music is impressive, and it is remarkable how
the performers match the tones, each playing his part with a di...

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