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  1. write a short paper about the film *** Yentel directed by Barbra Streisand **** (500-750 words about your experiences.) Summarize the main points of this experience.
  2. Think of the relationship of the film or literature to an issue in philosophy of religion, e.g., a concept in one of the religions, or a classical theme in the philosophy of religion such as the problem of evil, the existence of God, free will vs. determinism, etc. You may draw from your knowledge of the philosophy of religion from this course or other online or library research.
  3. Draw some conclusions about the philosophical material you've experienced by showing how this may have contributed to your own development or understanding of a social/political contemporary issue. (Refer to Encylopedia of Philosophy (Links to an external site.))

In sum: your final post should have these three points covered and marked clearly.

Part 1: Summary of experience (Name the film, novel, etc. and describe the main points)
Part 2: Relation to philosophical theme or issue
Part 3: Conclusion about personal development and/or contemporary social/political issue.

Your own creativity in the form of poetry, literary/visual/musical expression, or other creative form I have not mentioned is most welcome.

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Yentl Film Paper

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Yentl is a 1983 dramatic film revolving around the life of a Jewish girl who clothes and
conducts herself as a boy to quench her thirst for education. The film starts with Yentl living
with her father in Pechev, Poland. While her father is alive, he educates her in Talmud that is
contrary to his community custom. Upon his death, Yentl resolves to trim her hair, adopt a manlike dress code, and settles on selecting her deceased brother's name, Anshel, as she joins Jewish
religious institutions.
At the institution, she meets and becomes friends with Avigdor. While their friendship is
developing, Hadass comes into Avidgor's life, and the two falls in love. The film story gets an
interesting twist when the family of Hadass revokes her wedding by claiming that Avigdor's
family h...

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