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I’m studying for my Economics class and need an explanation.


I need help working on economic project. The idea is to think of a business to start and discuss as many as possible of the following concept in the paper.

supply and demand- how markets work

what determines demand-income, tastes and preferences, substitutes and compliments.....


consumers maximizing utility

consumer behavior

costs -fixed and variable

capital and labor inputs

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In 7-10 pages: The project will be as follows: You have been hired as a consultant by a venture capital firm. They want to start a business. They have 50 million dollars to invest but they have no idea what they want to invest in. They also have no understanding of microeconomics. You will create a 7-10 page report offering advice on possible companies to start. Include in your report should be a discussion of the following economic concepts and how they should influence the investment decision: supply and demand- how markets work what determines demand-income, tastes and preferences, substitutes and compliments..... elasticity consumers maximizing utility consumer behavior costs -fixed and variable capital and labor inputs market structure- perfect competition, monopolistic competition, oligopoly, monopoly and anything else you think they should know. ...
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Solar Installation Company
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We live at a time when climate change has been the talk of every government, business,
and individual. Governments are encouraging companies to go green in an effort to curtail the
worsening global climate change. During this time, both businesses and individuals have
collectively taken the initiative to move to green energy as a way of reducing the amount of
environmental pollution and greenhouse gases produced during generation energy that has
adverse effects on the environment. With this initiative in mind, most businesses are turning to
solar energy as an alternative source of energy to power their offices and even factories.
Individuals have also turned to this source of power to power their homes (MICHAEL PARFIT,
2019). This has made solar power the next great energy frontier and an excellent investment for
any company to undertake. That is why my advice is to invest $50 million into the solar
installation business.
The demand and supply of solar energy in the country today is fuel by the need for an
alternative source of clean energy. As mentioned earlier, we are experiencing global change as
countries as struggling to contain the effects of climate change. The increasing pollution to our
environment by greenhouse gases produced by cars, factories, and even during power generation
has sensitized people to the need to come up with better ways of powering their homes and
offices. This has driven the demand for solar energy in homes across the country in the last few
years as more people are looking to contribute to the reduction of effects of green energy by
using renewable energy such as solar panels.
The increasing cost of other energy sources has resulted in people looking for a cheaper
alternative energy source. The great demand for energy has pushed the prices of most fuels, such
as oil, to astronomical figures in the last few decades. Oil is a critical component in the
production of energy, may it be hydropower generation, coal, or even nuclear energy. With the



increasing oil prices, people have turned towards solar energy as a cheaper alternative source of
power driving its demands in the last few years. With solar energy, unlike other sources of
energy like electricity, the homeowner only incurs a one-time-only installation expense. Once the
solar panels are installed, little to no maintenance is required. There are no further expenses
incurred as the usage of solar energy is concerned, making it an excellent...

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