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Weapons of mass destruction refer to firearms, which could lead to significant damage to
properties and deaths. It is the use of biological, nuclear, radiological, and chemical materials that
had substantial destruction. The materials were mainly used during the second world war, where
countries wanted to show how the militarily was organized to become superpowers. Designated
areas were set for the research and development of hazardous materials. Sometimes these materials
worked against those that developed them, leading to significant damage to those who came into
contact with it. The weapons of mass destruction had substantial impacts that are felt today. The
Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings are examples of events that had a long term effect where the
radiation increased suffering to the survivors such as cancers. This paper will discuss the four
categories of hazardous materials, their events, and those that contributed to these events (Higgins,
Chemical weapons are materials made of various chemicals that destroy the body, and their
primary forms are nerve, blister, choking, and blood agents. The chemicals used to make chemical
weapons are toxic and cause significant body damages such as death, sensory irritation, and injury.
The blood agents contain chemicals such as arsine that lead to an organ failure since the tissue
cells do not receive oxygen. The choking agents consist of chemicals such as chlorine leading to
choking after being inhaled. The blister agents burn the skin, and they include the sulfur mustard.
The nerve agents cause muscle paralysis and contain chemicals such as sarin and tabun. Egyptians
used the chemical weapons against Yemen in 1963- 1967 where they bombed the villages of
Yemen. This event caused a lot of damages, and 1500 people were killed in that event.
Chemical weapons are used as a tool assassinate various leaders in the world. In 2017agents
of North Korean used the VX, which is a nerve agent in killing Kin Jong-Nam in Malaysia,
happening at an airport. A well-recalled incident is when the Russian agents used the Novichok



chemical to assassinate the former Russian spy known as Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia
Skripal. The people found them on a bench in the shopping center of Salisbury in the UK. They
were found unconscious, and Sergei and his daughter were taken to the hospital in an intensive
care unit. Sergei Skripal worked in the intelligence department of the Russian military and accused
of spying Britain. Sergei was sentenced to Russian prison but later released by the US. The case is
still ongoing to determine who were the people involved in the assassination plot (Ekeus, 2014).
Biological weapons involve the development of microorganisms such as viruses and
bacteria, which bare then released deliberately to cause diseases and harm to the people. The most
used biological weapons are anthrax, ricin, Q fever, and smallpox. The biological agents cause a
challenge to the public health leading to large numbers of death. Ebola is also a biological agent
that causes high numbers of deaths in a short period. On September 11, 1978, a biological weapon
killed Georgi Markov. The dart filled with ricin poisoned him, fired from an umbrella. He was
coming from his job on BBC and was a train when he felt a sharp jab in his thigh. He only saw a
man picking an umbrella. Afterward, Markov developed high temperatures, and he died after four
days (Rohilla, 2011).
After the postmortem, there was a confirmation that he died after being poisoned...

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