line l passes through (15,-4) and line p is the graph of 5x-3y=7

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line l passes through (15,-4) and line p is the graph of 5x-3y=7

Oct 19th, 2017

Equation at the end of step  1  :

  5x - 3y - 7  = 0 

Step  2  :

Solve   5x-3y-7  = 0 

Equation of a Straight Line

 2.1  Solve  5x-3y-7  = 0 

Tiger recognizes that we have here an equation of a straight line. Such an equation is usually written y=mx+b ("y=mx+c" in the UK). 

"y=mx+b" is the formula of a straight line drawn on Cartesian coordinate system in which "y" is the vertical axis and "x" the horizontal axis.

In this formula :y tells us how far up the line goes
x tells us how far along
m is the Slope or Gradient i.e. how steep the line is
b is the Y-intercept i.e. where the line crosses the Y axis

The X and Y intercepts and the Slope are called the line properties. We shall now graph the line  5x-3y-7  = 0 and calculate its properties

Graph of a Straight Line :


Calculate the Y-Intercept :

Notice that when x = 0 the value of y is 7/-3 so this line "cuts" the y axis at y=-2.33333

  y-intercept = 7/-3  = -2.33333 

Calculate the X-Intercept :

When y = 0 the value of x is 7/5 Our line therefore "cuts" the x axis at x= 1.40000

  x-intercept = 7/5  =  1.40000 
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Jul 27th, 2014

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Oct 19th, 2017
Oct 19th, 2017
Oct 20th, 2017
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