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As a nurse on the ethics committee of a free clinic, you are educating staff on a high-risk or vulnerable population in the community. You focus on a health condition that affects the community and also impacts the population globally. To help explain the topic, you plan to show the staff a concept map.


Create a concept map showing the relationship of health disparities, pertinent determinants of health, ethical considerations, and human rights for a condition affecting a high-risk or vulnerable population. Your concept map should:

  • Identify the main concept (a condition affecting a high-risk or vulnerable population)
  • Describe the supporting subtopics of:
    • Health disparities impacting the population globally
    • Pertinent determinants of health (at least three)
    • Ethical considerations (at least three)
    • Human rights from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (at least three)


For information on creating concept maps, please click here.

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NUR4681CBE High-risk and Vulnerable Global Population
This section will look at the case of diabetes in young people. The selection of this
condition is based on the analysis of the current trends in the occurrence and causative factors
in the target community. The vulnerable populations elected is the young people because they
have various challenges which would be prevented to minimize the chances of the occurrence
of diabetes later in life.

Health Disparities
Determinants of health

Access to care is influenced by:

The current trends are influenced by factors such as:

The geographic location of some of the populations,
especially in the developing and underdeveloped
communities. Also, low income earning
communities do not have the same levels of access
to care as the high-income earners (Basu& Garg,



Lifestyle. Many young people are exposed
to unhealthy eating and living standards.
Reduced physical activity levels have
affected the abilities of young people to
maintain a healthy platform.
Access to care facilities has affected the
abilities to receive the desired attention in
the developing nations.

Diabetes Type II in

Human rights.

Ethical considerations
Equity is one o...

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