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Major Assignment #4: Social Determinants of Health (15 pts, 2 page minimum). This assignment will help you begin to understand the social determinants of health and disease. I strongly encourage you to explore this website, watch the clips and examine the resources and activities.

1) Go to Unnatural Causes website

2) Watch the trailer

3) In the trailer, one of the speakers said “we carry our history in our bodies”. In a paragraph, discuss what she meant by this.

4) Go to “Interactivities” and scroll down to the “Tale of Two Smokers” activity. Go through the entire activity.

Answer the following:

1) According to the website, what is one of the challenges for:

  • low income people to change their diet?
  • children in poverty to exercise?
  • people to manage stress?

2) According to the stress indicator, which factor had the greatest impact on lowering Jane’s allostatic load? Why might this be so?

3) Why does it take more than willpower and discipline to change unhealthy habits and behaviors?

4) Go to the “Health Equity Quiz” activity. Take the quiz. How did you score? Did anything surprise you? Discuss at least two things you learned from the quiz.

Guidelines for ALL Major Assignments:

  • Due at 11:59pm on Saturday of the module. Must be uploaded into WebCampus.
  • 10% will be deducted for each day late; assignments will ONLY be accepted up to 4 days late; after that the assignment will receive a zero.
  • All written assignments should be typed, DOUBLE-SPACED, with 1-inch margins, size 12 font, and either Times New Roman or Arial font type.
  • HEADER: Use the “insert header” tab in Word to include 3 lines, your name, the date, and the assignment title in the header of the paper, SINGLE-SPACED.
  • REFERENCES are required for EVERY major assignment, including citations in the text as needed and a list of references at the end, which are NOT included in the page count. Use APA style (guidelines provided in WebCampus). Use only academic sources, including peer-reviewed sources, .gov or .edu websites. (Generally, .org, .com, and any news outlets are not appropriate.)
  • Spelling, word selection, and grammar count for major assignments.
  • All assignments must meet the minimum page length requirements (either 2 or 4) to earn full credit. Consider going 1-2 lines onto the next page to be sure you do not lose points.
  • All assignments should be in an organized, cohesive essay format with an introductory and concluding paragraph. You must address all parts of the assignment prompt.

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Final Answer


Public Health

We carry our history in our bodies
The environment we experience our childhood, and we presently live are key factors to
the sort of wellbeing we have. The accessibility of clean water and great nourishment is a case of
the social determinants for a healthy community. One of the key areas that decide our wellbeing
socially is financial dependability as exhibited in the interactivity in the “unnatural causes” site.
In the Unnatural Causes website, there is a trailer where social epidemiologist Nancy Krieger
says that “we carry our history in our bodies. She implied that on the off chance that you
observed identical twins who lived together for 18 years were exposed to a similar environment
developed diverse wellbeing statuses as adults if they diverged to different environments, for
instance, one became a professional and the other was working class. In this way, it implies that
composed into our bodies is a lifetime of experience formed by social conditions and strategies
that can figure out who will be more broken down, and who will bite the dust sooner.

Challenges for: low income people to change their diet, children in poverty to exercise, and
people to manage stress?
As indicated by the Unnatural Causes site in the Interactivities segment, the Tale of Two
Smokers, low salaried communities have more fast food outlets than wealthy neighborhoods.
This makes it difficult for low-income individuals t...

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