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This assignment have two questions. For the first quesion, you need to do part a and part b by hand. Then confirm your answer using Matlab, which is part c. And the same thing for question 2, you need to answer the question by hand, then confirm it by Matlab. Both questions are talking about complex number and matrices. I will attach the questions.

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EE234 Spring 2020 Matlab2 Due 4/2/2020 by 8pm. 1. Complex Numbers and phasor analysis can be used to solve many problems. For example if we want to determine the currents of each of the voltage sources in the following circuit, then we can use a technique called mesh analysis to write mesh equations that involve the currents of each source. Let I1 be the current of the voltage source v1 = 2 cos(t), I2 be the current of the v2 = −2 cos(t), and I3 be the current of the voltage source v3 = cos(t) all in phasors, after voltage source applying mesh analysis, the following equations are obtained. (2 + 2j)I1 − (2j)I2 − 2I3 = 2∠0 −(2j)I1 + (2 + 2j)I2 − 2I3 = 2∠π −2I1 − 2I2 + (4 + 2j)I3 = 1∠π (a) write the system of equations in (b) by hand, nd the values of Ax = b. I1 ,I2 and I3 in polar form using any method you choose. (c) use Matlab or any other software to check your answers. To solve the equations by hand using Gauss elimination method, you can use the following steps: • Multiply the rst row by the conjugate of coecient of a11 = (2 − 2j); by doing this you should get 8 • Repeat the previous step on the second equation,  multiply it by its conjugate which is • Now the coecients 2. The following matrix A 2j . a11 , a21 and a31 are real numbers so you can eliminate a21 and a31 then use back I1 , I2 and I3 .   6 −1 A= has complex eigenvalues, nd all eigenvalues and the corresponding 5 4 substitution to solve for eigenvectors of as the new I1  by hand, then use matlab or any otehr software to check your answer. 1 ...
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Here are the answers. Matrix_matlab.pdf - Handwritten answers for both questionsMatrix_matlab_codes.pdf - Matlab codes for both questionsMatrix_matlab_codes.docx - Matlab codes for both questions in a word fileMatrix_Matlab.rar - zip file contaiing all answers above and matlab files (.m files)

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