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Southeastern University Product Costs and Period Costs for Coca Cola Paper

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Complete your project

The project must include the following points:

1. Select an Organization (give introduction and mention the type of Products it produces)

2. Compare Annual financial reports:(2 Years) Identify the product cost and Period cost

3. Calculate the Break Even Point in Dollars

3. Analyses them using financial ratios( Liquidity and Profitability ratios)

4. Conclusion on the on the performance of the company

i would like someone her/his major is accounting and has knowing in managerial Accounting322

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Final Answer

I am sending to you our work now so that you can still review it before you submit it to your professor. Our company is Coca-Cola so that there is familiarity and it is a good company to analyze because it experienced a financial lump in 2017. It will give us good trends because of this lump. Thank you. Please take a look.



Coca Cola is a multinational company that has a dominant market share for nonalcoholic drinks. It was founded in the year 1886 and now sells its products in over 200
countries. The company has over 500 non-alcoholic brands to its name, with most of them being
sparkling beverage brands like Fanta, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dasani, Powerade, Minute Maid,
Simply, Del Valle, Georgia, and Gold Peak. Also, it owns various still beverages such as energy
and sports drinks, enhanced waters, among others.
The company has a significant market share, with over 1.9 billion people all over the
world consuming its products (Jurevicius, 2020). Its dominance in the market is advantageous
over its competitors for various reasons. For Instance, it enjoys economies of scale. This
advantage enables it to spread its fixed costs across its over 500 brands and billions of servings.
Also, it has the power to underprice its products beating its competitors and saturating the entire
market. Because of its dominance, many people in the world know about it, thus has power over
consumers. It can easily influence consumer purchasing decisions due to its aggressive
marketing campaigns and already established brands. The company has diversified and has
various brands. It has seven categories of beverages (Jurevicius,2020). Through diversification,
the company does not have to depend on the success of only one brand. Secondly, diversification
enables it to satisfy a variety of diverse customers. Als...

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