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American Inter Continental University Training Manual for Employees Paper

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American Inter Continental University Training Manual for Employees Paper
American Inter Continental University Training Manual for Employees Paper

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Training Manual for Employees
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Training Manual for Employees
Diversity Training Manual: Part IV
The issue of discrimination based on religious beliefs can create problems in the
organization. As such, individuals can follow the set guidelines in the training manual to avoid
issues that can lead to problems with the relevant authorities. The Civil Rights Act of 1964
played an essential role in eliminating discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion,
national origin, sex, and required equal access to public places of employment, as well as
enforced desegregation of schools and the right to vote (National Park Service, 2016).
Irrespective of its passage by Congress, the act did not end discrimination but created an
opportunity for further progress. On the issue of religion, it ensured that institutions, groups, or
individuals could not discriminate others based on the religion practiced. As such, everyone in
the US had the right to practice religion of their choice without fear of experiencing backlash
from employers, colleagues, or other members of the public.
On the same note, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 included Title VII 1964 legislation that
focused on matters associated with religious practices in the US. For a long time, residents in the
US had experienced discrimination on the basis of religious practices, which created a social
problem in different communities (US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 2008). Title
VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits employers or managers from discriminating against
employees or workers on the basis of color, national origin, race, sex, and religion. The federal
government recognizes its application to employers or organizations with fifteen or more
employees, including federal, state, and local administrations (National Park Service, 2016). The
passing of Title VII 1964 legislation ensured that employment discrimination based on race,
religion, or sex, among others, became illegal. The federal administration could now receive



complaints from the public regarding discrimination, especially based on religious issues (US
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 2008). As such, the various legislations provided
individuals the opportunity to express themselves freely without encountering problems in their
respective workplaces.
One of the religious practices involves Catholicism where members follow a specific
schedule such a...

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