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PJM 440 Waldorf University Consulting in Business Process Re Engineering Paper

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Should be minimum 900 words.
Assume the role of consultant to a large organization that is considering business process reengineering for one of its national divisions. The organization has not undertaken this type of reengineering before and needs your help to know what to expect. Write an academic paper, meaning APA, current scholarly research, and citations and references, which may be used by the management stakeholders to understand the following:

  1. Why, according to research, should the organization consider business process reengineering, meaning what advantages would business process reengineering likely give the organization?
  2. What is the tested business process reengineering “process” that you as the consultant would have the organization follow?
  3. Who, according to research of a typical organization, will be required from the organization according to your research into a typical organization and what roles will they play?
  4. What problems, risks, failures, according to research, may result and what treatment options are needed to offset those concerns?

Note: Remember that opinion is not valuable unless it is based on academic research, i.e., current scholarly research (published in academic journals in the most recent 5 years), and the paper clearly attributes the information using citations and references.


  • Prepare a 3- to 4-page paper (not including the required title and reference pages and any appendices you may find necessary) detailing and compiling the specifics to items 1-4 above.
  • Support your paper with a minimum of three current (published in the most recent five years) scholarly sources from the CSU-Global Library, in addition to any course textbooks, required or recommended readings, or lecture material you decide to use.
  • Format your entire paper according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing & APA (Links to an external site.).
  • Be clear, concise, and focused. Be sure to properly organize your writing and after the title on page 2, include an introduction with a thesis and mapping for your paper; headings/subheadings for the body of your work; analysis and recommendations (if applicable); a conclusion; list of references; and any appendices.

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Final Answer


1. Introduction
2. Reasons why organization consider business process reengineering

Reduction in Organizational Complexity

Integration and coordination

Improved performance

3. The tested business process reengineering
4. People required from the organization and the roles they play
5. Conclusion



Consulting in Business Progress Reengineering
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Business Progress Reengineering
Business process reengineering is a means by which a company redesign its structure and
systems in order to achieve the desired business growth and performance. The reengineering
process is normally applied by many firms and organization especially when the organizational
structure and performance are poor. The reengineering also acts as a turnaround strategy to help
the company realize its growth and development agenda (Bhaskar, 2018).
Reasons why organization consider business process reengineering
Below are some of the advantages of the business process reengineering in an organization;
Reduction in Organizational Complexity
Business Process Reengineering would help the organization in elimination of
unnecessary complexity that exists within an organization. Decision making has always been a
thorny issue since most organizations have long bureaucracy in articulating issues. Such long
processes and procedures often results to decrease in company performance since customers are
lost in that process. The ...

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