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Carillion is considered as one of the biggest companies, which has branch offices in Egypt, Oman, UAE, Qatar and KSA. Carillion seeks to be recognized as the market leader in the industry, while providing a safe and sustainable working environment. You are currently working as a Facilities Manager in Projects Department. You have been asked to advice and suggest suitable building service systems for a commercial building (Bank) to be constructed in Sultanate of Oman Al Mawaleh exactly. Suggest and discuss a minimum of 5 systems such that the Bank can be considered as a sustainable/green building through pictures, photos, sketches etc. Identify systems for the Bank which will help save the electricity and water as well as provide fire safety to the Bank.

Very Important Notes:

-Clarity, suitability and relevance of the building service system identified.

-Relevance of pictures, photos, sketches etc. presented with the Source and Title.

*** Words count = 1400 words.

*** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard

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Report on Building Technology
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Report on Building Technology
The primary function of a building is to offer shelter to its occupants. Due to
technological advancement and lifestyle, the building should be installed with appropriate
systems that will make people and businesses feel comfortable. Most of these systems are
common but important to the users. Since the bank is dealing with different activities, there are
unique service systems that should be installed when building a bank. They include; fire and
alarming system, escalator, power, water supply and sanitation, and Information Communication
Technology System (ICT).
The first building service system to be installed by the bank is escalators. These are
moving staircases which transport people from one floor to another. These escalators are
constructed by the use of a motor-driven chain of individually connected steps on a track. The
step cycles on a pair of tracks and these enable them to remain horizontal (Jussila, Hirvonen and
KoneOy, 2018). Although lifts can be used as well, escalators seem more appealing and save
space. Moreover, they are cheaper to install compared to lifts. Lifts are capital intensive
considering that not all professionals have the skills required to fix them. The first floor will not
have escalators to move people to the second floor. The customer will use the regular stairs in
this case. The normal services of the bank, such as deposit and withdraw services, account
opening, activation of a dormant account, cheques deposit, among other services, will be
concentrated on the first floor. Having these services on the first floor will limit the number of
customers moving upstairs. From the second floor to the third floor where the office of the
branch manager will be located, there will be escalators. The good thing about escalators is that
they will fit in the physical space where stairs could otherwise have been constru...

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