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I need an explanation for this Psychology question to help me study.

I need a critique on the movie “Split” 2016. It should include

1. Diagnose the patient on all 5 Axes

2. List the different identities by name. Also discuss the number of different identities the patient discussed with his Psychiatrist. Which identity was the “host?” How did the host differ from other identities?

3. Discuss your thoughts about the Psychiatrist therapeutic process.

4. Discuss how the patient’s identities interacted with his captives (his prisoners).

5. Discuss how this movie supports the diagnosis we studied in class? Does it support anything you learned?

A link to the movie has also been included

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Critique on the Movie “Split” 2016

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Critique on the Movie “Split” 2016
Diagnose the patient on all 5 Axes
The movie, Split, is a thriller that has horror scenes describing the escapades of Kevin
Wendell Crumb, who has a variety of identities. Understanding psychiatric disorders such as the
one that Kevin suffers from is possible through evaluating the five axes. In axis 1, that primarily
deals with clinical disorders, Dr Fletcher is able to identify that Kevin suffers from a dissociative
identity disorder. This is an occurrence that leads to the possession of multiple identities that split
at different times to control the subject. The clinical disorder affecting Kevin is from a difficult
childhood and abuse that he suffers in the hands of his mother. On axis 2, it is evident that Kevin
possesses a personality disorder (Gans, 2019). While he has in the beginning behaved normally,
the altercation with the teenage girls who harass him induces the part of the personality disorder
that controls him thereafter.
Analyzing Kevin’s situation on axis three reveals that there is no medical condition that
encourages the development of the split personality disorder that controls him for the larger
portion of his life. Besides, axis four analysis indicates that various environmental facto...

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