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A minimum of three (3) resources, including scholarly journal articles are required for each report. The paper must be uploaded to Moodle. Prepare and assemble your paper as follows: • Cover sheet (Subject, Title, Course Number, Date and Name).

• Paper must be 750-word minimum, double-spaced (12-point font: Times New Roman). • The750 words do not include the cover sheet and references; only the body of the paper. • The paper must be written in “3rd person.” • No Abstract for this assignment. • Margins: Top & Left (1.0 inch); Bottom & Right (1.0 inch). • All references must be a combination of journal articles and internet sources. • Wikipedia is not considered to be a scholarly source by the academic community. • A Reference List is required. Writing Style: APA. • Plagiarism will result in a zero for the course

I have attached the Home Depot article. Please follow directions


North Carolina State University Home Depot Article Questions
North Carolina State University Home Depot Article Questions

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Running head: HOME DEPOT


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Question 1
Yes. Home Depot should focus on both contractor and DIY segments to reap maximum
benefits. Economies of scale refer to the cost benefits gained by a company when production is
optimal and running costs are lower. The company can spread costs over a large number of
goods, which enables it to attach lower prices to its products. In the home improvements market,
contractor segments and Do It Yourself segments are critical consumer groups that keep the
industry running. The DIY group involves consumers who do not seek professional help to
complete their activities using home improvement products (Redman, 2018). This group has
evolved as it can personalize products and, in turn, gain a great economic advantage. The
contractor segment, on the other hand, involves consumers employing the professional services
of contractors to get their home improvement activities done.
DIY customers are beneficial to Home Depot in many ways. First, these customers are
willing to pay more for quality products. This is because they are investing much time and effort
towards a particular project and want t...

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