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Locate one mental health resource in your community ( Brooklyn Park, MN). Interview a provider at the site with a list of questions below. Write a paper with the answers and include contact information about the organization. 1. How did you find the facility? 2. Who did you interview? Please provide the name and title of the person you interviewed. 3. Type of population served? 4. How do people find facility? 5. What type of services are offered? 6. What type of payments are accepted? 7. What area(s) do they specialize? 8. How long do most people use the services? 9. How do they define an emergent situation? 10. How do they handle emergency situations? 11. What is the contact information of the facility? 12. Does the facility have a website? If yes, were you able to navigate the site easily? 13. Does the facility provide services for family members? 14. What did you learn about the mental health facility during this assignment? Please provide five examples. 15. Please discuss how this knowledge will impact your nursing role. ...
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Running head: MENTAL ILLNESS


The Family Partnerships
Institutional Affiliation



The Family Partnerships
The Family Partnership is one of the most renowned and acknowledged resource
facility in my community, Brooklyn. This is because deals with a wide array of
services which are deemed to be of great benefit to the community. I came to learn
this as I conducted some verbal interactive conversations with some of the community
members. From the opinions of the community members, the resource center not only
provide mental services to them, but also provide education and advocacy programs
which are of great benefit to the community people.
For purposes of getting more information about the resource facility, I
interviewed the Secretary, Molly Schlobohm, who also acts as a com...

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