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  • What is IoT?How can Blockchain help out with IoT?
  • how significant is blockchain in internet of things?

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Introduction to Blockchain and Crypto-currency



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Introduction to Blockchain and Crypto-currency


IoT is an abbreviation of the Internet of Things. Internet of things is the connection of internet
networks connected to provide the ability to exchange and collect data. The exchange and
collection of data are mechanically and digitally made possible through unique identifiers (IUDs).
There are billions of devices around the globe that are connected to the internet. These devices can
share and collect data. Some are connected through wires while others have wireless network
capabilities (Khan & Salah, 2018). The addition of sensors adds intelligence to such devices hence
making the globe responsive and smarter. Initial things that looked dumb are now capable to adapt
to the current advancements through transforming them into IoT. The IoT makes them connect to
the internet hence enabling the users to control and communicate some information to them
remotely. For instance, a smartphone application can be used as an IoT device to switch on or off
a light bulb. An IoT ranges from simple things such as toys to complex things such as automated
driverless automobiles.
At times these large components have many IoT components that collect and transfer back
data to efficiently make the operation is as smooth as possible just like the jet engine. IoT must
have an internet connection to function. The internet connection enables interactions that are
independent of any human actions. So this means that despite the computers and smartphones
having the ability to access the internet they cannot be classified as IoT devices. Devices that
qualify to be IoT devices are the fitness band, smart-watch, internet-linked jackets, and selected
mobile and computer applications (Khan & Salah, 2018). IoT has various benefits. The benefits
range from the provision of efficiency to their power of agility. IoT can help companies to spot the
earliest weaknesses in their company by spotting the weak points. Most of the times the IoT can
provide solutions in various departments such as the supply chain to enable accurate data at all

Introduction to Blockchain and Crypto-currency


times. IoT devices can be used in almost all the industries to provide efficient air conditioning and
beefing up the security structures in their environment.
IoT also makes the environment, offices, homes, and vehicles to be intelligent, more user
friendly and chattier. For instance, smart speakers such as Google Home and Amazons Echo make
the art of playing musing to be super easy and they can choose the type of song according to the
moods of its users, they can set timers and store information.
Home security IoT devices help to save energy during monitoring of what transpires both inside
and outside the homes. In home...

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