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P3 Exercise: Research Summary

This exercise is designed to help you “define the problem,” a task you are required to do as part of your research summary memo, and as part of your final team projects, as well. The purpose of this exercise is to help you understand that you must use a variety of data in order to fully describe how/why something is an issue, and therefore worthy of study and research.


Recently Tampa Bay has been buzzing about the appearance of the lionfish, an invasive species of marine wildlife. Local officials are unsure of what to do or even how to begin conceiving of the problem. You work for a consulting firm that has been hired to investigate this issue and inform the local government of feasible courses of action. Your job is to research lionfish in Tampa Bay and create a brief summary of how exactly these fish are affecting the local ecosystem and what this could mean for the future of the bay. Be sure to cite specific sources when making claims about how lionfish are problematic.


Write a paragraph that defines the lionfish problem for Tampa Bay using at least two sources of different types as evidence (i.e., newspaper articles, government reports, scientific papers, etc.). When you have finished, briefly answer the following questions:

  1. How did the sources you chose inform the way you described the problem?
  2. Was any specific source particularly effective in helping you to define the problem? Why and in what ways?
  3. Reading your work critically, ask yourself if there is any information that would have made your summary more complete. What sources might you have consulted to gather this information?

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Section #2: Academic vs Workplace Research - Essential Research Skills for Workplace Writing - LibGuides at Humber College Humber Libraries / LibGuides / 3/20/20, 10:53 PM Essential Research Skills for Workplace Writing / Section #2: Academic vs Workplace Research Essential Research Skills for Workplace Writing Search this Guide Search This tutorial is a basic introduction to doing effective and credible research for a variety of purposes and audiences Welcome Page Learning Objective #2 Section #1: Search vs Research Learn to describe the difference between academic and workplace research Section #2: Academic vs Workplace Research Section #3: Types of Information The Difference Between Academic and Workplace Research Section #4: Keyword Development How is the research you do in school different from the research you are asked to do once you graduate and get a job? Section #5: The Library Search You might be surprised at how many similarities there are between academic research and Section #6: Internet Research workplace research. Both require: Section #7: Evaluating Information developing a focused topic and research question, Section #8: Cite Your Sources looking at a number of credible and relevant sources, synthesizing and analyzing the information you find to draw conclusions, and presenting your research in a clear and audience-friendly format. Created By Aliya Dalfen, Humber Libraries and Elisabeth But there are also key differences between them, and knowing what they are will help you be more efficient and effective in your workplace research task. Oliver, English Department Academic vs. Workplace Research Although academic and workplace research require many of the same skills, they likely to be different in their audience, purpose, context, resources and final products. This table outlines some of their key similarities and differences. Academic Research Workplace Research Purpose To demonstrate knowledge and competency in key skills Variable: In the workplace, your purpose will depend upon the research question and your research task Audience Professors and fellow students Variable: This will change from project to project. They may be inside or outside of your organization, specialists or general public. Context Post-secondary learning Variable: any workplace or industry Resources Available Library resources Internet resources Internet resources Other institutional resources (subscriptions, etc.) Instructor help Colleagues' help and input Other students (if a group project) Variable timelines (within a day, to several months) Shorter timelines (usually between a week to a few months) Possible funding available through employer College assignments: including essays, reports, and presentations Variable: emails, memos, letters, reports, presentations, infographics, blogs, newsletter, etc. information people time money, etc. Format of Final Product Examples of Workplace Research Tasks In the workplace, research tasks can vary between short-term projects that you'll complete within a few days, to longer term projects that can take months to complete. Whether short- or long-term, simple or complex, good workplace research starts with a clear research question and purpose, gathers information from a variety of credible sources appropriate to the task, https://libguides.humber.ca/researchskillswrit200/workplace Page 1 of 3 Section #2: Academic vs Workplace Research - Essential Research Skills for Workplace Writing - LibGuides at Humber College 3/20/20, 10:53 PM gathers information from a variety of credible sources appropriate to the task, answers the research question effectively, and presents information in an audience-friendly format. Here are two examples of research tasks that might be completed within a workplace context. Pay attention to the differences in the examples' timelines, resources needed, intended audience, and written format. Example 1: Finding the right venue for this year's holiday party It is early November, and your boss asks you to do some research on the best venue for the office holiday party. Research Question Where should we have the office holiday party this year? Audience Your boss Resources Needed Internet search (ex. Google) " ! Telephone (to call venues and ask questions re: accessibility, capacity, pricing, etc.) Conversations (with friends and colleagues to get some ideas and suggestions) Timeline for completion One week Final format Email Citation method Informal -- Your email should include a website link to your chosen venue (or top three choices) so that your boss can take a look and follow up on your advice. Example 2: Preventing discrimination in your company's hiring practices You work in Human Resources (HR) and your boss has asked you and two other colleagues to research the best practices for preventing discrimination in hiring practices. Research Question What are the best practices for avoiding discrimination in our hiring practices? Audience Your boss, other HR managers, and HR colleagues Resources Needed Internet Resources (Google, etc.) Private Subscriptions (to journals in Human Resources, Management, Employment Issues, Law, and Human Rights) Public Libraries and Bookstores (to access books, articles and other relevant resources) Timeline for Completion 5 months Final Format Recommendation Report (20 + pages long) AND a 30 minute presentation Citation method Formal (APA style citations and references list). This allows your audience to verify your information and the credibility of the sources you used in your research. Summary As these examples demonstrate, research in the workplace can vary quite a lot in its audience, timeline, resources needed, and final formats. But ALL forms of research, whether academic or professional require the same basic approach of asking a clear question, consulting a variety of appropriate sources, and synthesizing and analyzing that information to fulfill your purpose and answer your research question. https://libguides.humber.ca/researchskillswrit200/workplace Page 2 of 3 Section #2: Academic vs Workplace Research - Essential Research Skills for Workplace Writing - LibGuides at Humber College 3/20/20, 10:53 PM NEXT Last Updated: Dec 19, 2019 12:36 PM URL: https://libguides.humber.ca/researchskillswrit200 https://libguides.humber.ca/researchskillswrit200/workplace # Print Page Login to LibApps Page 3 of 3 ...
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Lionfish Invasion of Tampa Bay
The lionfish is one of the most beautiful fish to look at with its spotted fine membranes,
and greatly elongated dorsal-fin spines make them stand out in any ecosystem (Woodrin 01).
Tampa Bay, Florida, and other coasts in the Gulf of Mexico have been experiencing significant
problems as a result of the lionfish. Li...

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