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Discussion points :-

  • Discuss the implication of Just-in-time and lean thinking for logistics.
  • Compare and contrast lean supply with agile supply.

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Implications of Just in Time and Lean Thinking.

The application of Just in Time has several implications for logistics. To start with, there
is a reduction in the amount of storage needed and the waiting time. That is because, with the use
of this method, materials are only produced when they are required by the clients. Therefore,
there will be a faster set up for the production machinery, and thus a reduction in the costs of
manufacturing. Another implication of this method is that the suppliers of raw materials are
limited, and hence the company will spend less time on vendor relations. Notably, due to the
need for high levels of vendor efficiency, only those who are very effective are selected. As well,
with the application of the just-in-time method of inventory manag...

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